Thursday, May 10

The Elephant in the Room

Have ya'll seen this? I'm sure you have...

You all know that I was unfortunately unable to BF for a long period of time.  But that doesn't mean I do or don't wish I could have or I don't wish something different.  Mothers do what they need to do to be BEST for their child.

So, with that said, I never experienced the whole "attachment" that BF supposedly makes you and your newborn. I feel very close to my child and I DO NOT think our relationship will hurt because I wasn't able to nurse. Period.

And I've mentioned before, since becoming a mother I am very much so LESS judgemental than I was before. To each is own; do what is best for your child in your own eyes.

What BOTHERS me is the title. REALLY? It's as if this woman, and women who are ABLE to nurse, can have this superiority over others. That's what bothers me. Because, I think in every day world, some people do act like that.

Here's the online article - take a look.  I LOVE the last paragraph.  And I love the comment about the child walking up to Mom and saying, "Hey Mom, I'm hungry".

Anyways, I'd love your comments - what do you think about the article?!?! {nothing personal towards me, please!}


  1. Uggg I agree, the title is all wrong!! To each their own, totally agree with that!
    I didn't BF either and I am extremely close to my children. Anyhow, this picture looks all wrong, there is nothing sacred or personal or loving about it so what makes her a better mum then? Because she is feeding a three year old breastmilk? Where is the love?! He's on a chair!!

  2. I did see this and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I BF Gracie for a year and might have gone just a little longer if she wanted to, but there is no way in the world I would BF a toddler who could ask for it in a sentence. That is just crazy to me and pretty much has no nutritional value at that point. I like the fact that it's becoming less "taboo" and more "normal" to some, and I like the fact that the article brought awareness to that, but I'm not stupid and know the point of the article was to cause controversy. I don't like how it could make some momma's feel bad for not nursing. I think each person and family needs to do what is right for them.

  3. Matt showed me that, I also hated the title...

  4. I'm a breastfeeding (and self-considered attachment) mom and I also agree that the title is misleading. I definitely think we shouldn't be judgmental toward those who do not or can not breastfeed, but we also shouldn't be judgmental toward those who choose to do so beyond the standard first year. If it works for them, who cares! It's not necessarily something I would choose, but I hope the article convinces people to be a little more tolerant of every mom's personal choices in this area.

  5. I totally agree with you. I have always said "to each their own" when it comes to parenting. Because there are SO many things that I have read on twitter or other social media where I would just completely die if I did (like make a placenta milkshake...barf.)

    I struggle with BF every day still and we even supplement because I cannot pump enough. So I am a touchy Mom when it comes to BF'ing. Although, I have never understood the whole spat between breast feeding and formula feeding Moms. This is a decision that we make as Mothers/Parents to do what is best for us, but sometimes the decision is made for us. I just am baffled and the class of some people (especially older women) to have some of the comments that they do about breast feeding.

    The photo was so controversial and I personally believe that the title was saying "Are you Mom enough to breast feed a child this age?" Ex: Are you able to handle the comments and backlashing from people to continue to breast feed a child at the age of 3-4. I don't think it's exactly directed to attachment parenting and/or nursing. They could have and should of worded things different. Would I personally BF for that long? Heck to the no. Yikes....


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