Sunday, May 13

Momma's Day

I'm so lucky to be a MOMMA this year!!!  Well, I feel lucky to be Harper's Momma!

I had a great day getting to celebrate with my Mom and my Sister...along with our families.
Harper got me a very sweet gift and my parents got us a joint Mother's/Father's Day gift! :) So sweet.

crazy cousin love

the ABSOLUTE best gift I've ever been given.

Mommas and babies

my precious baby doll
Oh, AND Harper decided to finally quit the 'elephant crawl' and go full on crawling!! We have a crawler in the house! What a WONDERFUL gift for Brian and I to get to see her finally do it - instead of at the sitter's home first! :)

Hoping all the Mom's felt special today, the Moms-to-Be felt excited for what is to come today, and the hopeful Mom's felt some type of comfort in today.

I can TRULY say, there's nothing like a Mother's Love.


  1. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, Megan! Yay for Harper and her crawling!

  2. Happy first Mother's Day! Harper looks so precious in that dress!


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