Wednesday, June 6


Haven't linked up in a while!

Here's what I'm currently loving:
{of course, baby edition-ish, haha}

I'm LOVING: being home with my baby girl!

I'm LOVING: darkening shades for her room - nap time is soo much easier!

I'm LOVING: that baby is {knock on wood} sleeping until 8:00! (nevermind me feeling terrible about the last 8 months having to get her up at 630 work work)

I'm LOVING: going to the pool with Harper and my sister and nephews!

I'm LOVING: being crafty again!

I'm LOVING: the feeling of summer free-ness a teacher feels!

I'm LOVING: my spanx bathing suit! HAHA

I'm LOVING: my NUT of a girl! She is seriously a hot mess climbing onto everything and falling all over the place trying to be just a bit too big for her ruffly britches!

I'm LOVING: baby's giggles and squeals all throughout the day!

I'm LOVING: new meals I've been cooking {I'll share soon!}

I'm LOVING: the warm weather!

I'm LOVING: my sweet hubs:) - 3 years ago today he proposed to me on Tybee Island, GA! :)


  1. Aww! Happy Proposal Day! Mine was on Mother's Day, so luckily it's easy to remember or else I wouldn't! Actually now that I think about it, I don't know the exact date, just it was on Mothers Day! hahaha! Whoops :)

  2. Did you say Spanx swimsuit? Sounds like I must for me! Googling now!

  3. fun! I bet youre loving summers off!! I have to get darkening shades/ cutains for our room because shane is working nights right now and has NO CURTAINS!! i have no idea how he has done that!! I need dark!!


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