Thursday, June 7

Your Next Meal: Real Popcorn Chicken

So, most of my readers probably get the Parents Magazine, but for those of you who don't, I just had to share this recipe with you! It is SO good! Hubby even ranked it above my Doritos Chip Chicken - which if you've been following for a while, you know that is a huge deal! Ha!

It took no time at all and was super delicious! So, let me share your next weeknight meal with you complete with sides! :)

Real Popcorn Chicken:
What you Need:
3 cups popped popcorn {1 bag}
1 tbsp. fresh thyme
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1 egg
1 tbsp. water
3 tbsp. all purpose flour
1 lb. skinless, boneless chicken breast halves (I just bought 6 chicken cutlets)
1 tbsp. butter
1tbsp. canola oil
1 lemon, cut into wedges (I just used lemon juice)

How to Make:
1. Remove any unpopped popcorn kernels. Put popcorn in a food processor; cove3r and pulse until coarsely ground. Place the popcorn in a shallow dish and add thyme, salt, and pepper. (I put in a large square tupperware dish with a lid to help with coating later)
2. Place the egg in another shallow dish; add the water and beat lightly with a fork.  Place the flour in another shallow dish.
3. Dredge the chicken in the flour to coat, shaking off excess.  Dip the chicken in the egg mixture, then in the popcorn mixture.  *I did all cutlets at once, shaking the popcorn mixture over all and it coated it perfectly.
4. Put the butter and oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add chicken and cook 10-12 minutes or until chicken is cooked through, turning occasionally to brown evenly.  Reduce to medium heat if necessary.
5. Squeeze lemon juice over chicken.
*I also added Cajun seasoning on the chicken and a bit of Frank's Hot Sauce just because we like a little extra kick. :)  Serve with Honey Mustard!

{side dish} Parmesan-Roasted Cauliflower (and Cucumbers) - MIL's Recipe!
What you Need:
1 large head cauliflower
1 cucumber
3 tbsp. olive oil
salt and pepper
1 C freshly grated Parmesan cheese {let's be honest, I shook as much as I wanted out of the Kroger brand Parmesan cheese canister}
1 C freshly grated Gruyere cheese {again, I never have this cheese laying around, so I used shredded mozzarella cheese and it was even better!}

How to Make:
1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Remove the outer green leaves from caul. and cut the head into florets, discarding long stems.
3. Place florets in a large ziplock baggie.  Cut cucumber into halves and place in baggie.
4. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle generously salt and pepper. Shake well.
5. Lay out on a baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes, turning once.
6. Sprinkle with cheeses and back for 2-3 minutes longer - just until cheese melts.
Serve hot or warm

{side dish} Fresh Cut Up Fruit
strawberries, blueberries, green grapes, pineapple, kiwi

{summer drink} Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo

Try it! You will thank me! :)

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  1. This looks SO good! I'm trying this tomorrow night!! And the sides sound fantastic. I've never tried the skinny girl white cranberry cosmo... I'll have to have that too :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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