Sunday, June 17

I love Summer!

Man, I've been trying to write a "first week of summer" post for about 3 weeks now! I just don't have any blogging mojo in me right now!  But, I'm loving summer SO much! It's so incredibly different than any years in the past, but it is great.  Harper definitely keeps me on my toes ALL DAY LONG! I've worked hard on getting her to nap consistently...but the morning nap is about all I get.  Afternoon nap is hit or miss.  *Remember, we are talking about my girl here, the one who has never required that much sleep! ha! But, she's sleeping great at night - about 11 hours and she's still happy so we are ok with it!

So, Harper-girl is a freaking crazy baby! ha! She is soo stinking adventurous! She's also a very strong little girly we think!  She is so bored with crawling already and tries to walk everywhere.  Except...she doesn't know how...which led us to a HUGE goose egg on her head the other day! EEK!  She also is in to everything, climbs everything, stands like a big girl, walks on her walking toys all over the house, and squeals all day with delight! It's great! She's also such a water baby - which I love!  Mostly we just hang out in our baby pool because it's easier than getting all packed up and going to the pool! But I am definitely more exhausted than I've ever been! ha! Summer is also super fun because I feel like we are doing all kinds of cute family things in the evenings and weekends with our little baby! It's what I'd hoped for when I was pregnant... and I'm just loving that right now SHE is my only responsibility!

Anyways, here's just a few pics of what we've been up to lately...

morning playtime is my favorite!

first time in the church nursery! {and a bow in my hair!}

can you see her goose-egg?

she LOVES button books!

when she rides this (she gets pushed) she goes "brrrr" like a car! it's too funny!

we've completely rearranged our home! no more coffee table, bumper corners everywhere...

in the height of teething...everything goes in the mouth!

ha, this is a terrible picture, but I was trying to get her cute bottom 2 teeth as she was laughing!

Hope your summer is off to a great start, too!


  1. oh my goodness, she is SO stinking cute!!! I just die every time I look at your blog. She sounds like she has the personality of my Gracie. Strong willed babies aren't the easiest =)

  2. How fun! The kind of summer I hoped for but instead I get to teach summer school for a grad! She is adorable!

  3. Yay for summer!! So glad that you all are having so much fun together!!

  4. She has the sweetest little face! Such a happy girl!

  5. How is she such a big girl already?! She is absolutely adorable, Megan! :) So glad that you are having so much summer fun!

  6. I agree with each of the above comments!

  7. Looks like your summer is off to a wonderful start. She is so stinking cute! Her "adventurous" behavior reminds me so much of my own little man. Busy busy busy but SO much fun!

  8. Look at how big she is! She has really grown up! I love all of her adorable photos! She is so stinking cuteeee!


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