Sunday, June 24

the {medical} box

A few have asked me to tell about this little here ya go!

I keep all of Harper's 'medical' items in one box.  I think it's SO much handier than trying to find a bunch of stuff in the cabinet. Plus, it's all in one place!  But that might just be my teacher-mentality: everything needs to be in a bin or a ziplock baggie!  I used my cricut to put the little ambulance on, but if you don't have one, you could just purchase a scrapbooking sticker or a hospital item and place on there!

I also gave a version of this to a friend for her baby shower gift. I think it's a great idea, as we really didn't own too many of these items until it was too late so to speak and Brian was out at Rite Aid or BRU getting items after the fact!  We also took this handy thing on vacation and it was great!

What's in it?

*Baby Rub {put on bottoms of feet if has a cold, we rub it on H's chest each night to help with KY allergies}

*Pedia Care {you can use this more than tylenol for a young age}

*Boogie Wipes {totally LOVE these, so soft on their tiny nose}

*Baby Orajel

*Little Ones Saline drops {great for stuffy noses}

*Highlands Teething Tablets

*Mentholatum {rub on scrapes to help heal faster}

*Teething brush/massager {every baby needs this!}

*A+D Ointment

*Desitin {we use this nightly...just in case!}

*Johnson and Johnson Nighttime Lotion

*Johnson and Johnson Vapor Wash {great for colds!}

*Dr. Brown's teething paci {looks so weird, but hits even the back molars!}

What are some of your favorite go-to products when your baby isn't feeling like herself?!


  1. What a cute idea!!!

    I also bought little first aid kits from Target with bandages, ointments, cleaning wipes for boo boos. I keep one in each of our cars so we have then basically wherever we go because you never know.

  2. I have never heard of the vapor wash, but what a great idea! I definitely need to get that because poor G is congested all the time due to allergies.


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