Friday, July 6


Harper has begun to love "helping" read books lately!

this book is her current favorite - this is the one when you tell her to get her book she does it

baby farm animals with GDaddy before church

is this not hilarious? so glad i had my phone to snap the pic!

she loves to push the stinking button on the book ALL the time!

She also LOVES the books that people can record the story on. She always looks around to see the person!
What are some of your favorite children's books? I LOVE buying Harper books and need some good ones we don't already have for her birthday coming up!


  1. How cute! She is just so precious! I have been thinking lately that I need to find some more books for Bryar! He is just now really starting to interact with books and other items! Any suggestions on books?

  2. Do you have Llama, Llama Red Pajama? Or something like that title. I haven't read it for a long while, but that is one I recall they loved for me to read.

  3. That's so great that she loves to read! Chloe usually squirms too much while she's in our laps and wants to get down before we've finished even one book.


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