Thursday, July 5

Laid Back Weekend

This weekend we had plans to take Harper to the Aquarium. I know she's going to love it so much as she loves any little fish tank we pass! But, poor Brian came down with a terrible sinus infection leaving him in bed for most of the weekend.  So what did we do? Well, Harper showed off to Dada her walking skills!

We also went to McAllister's twice for lunch! It is soo good!!  We also took Harper out on Friday night {hubby wasn't being honest just yet about how bad he felt!} with our life group to Harry's! She did pretty good, but you know, that internal clock of hers struck and by 730 she was ready to get in the tub!! :)  Thanks to our friends, they didn't mind be being in {or out I think?!} of the convo while entertaining Harper!

Harper and I also went to my parent's pool to play with the cuzzies! We love their zero water level so much!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is on the move! :) Go Harper!

  2. OO her outfit is toooo cute!!! And her smile *aww* I melt!

  3. That little ruffle booty is just too much!!!! LOVE:) Such a big girl walking! It won't be long now!

  4. Ahhh! You have a walking baby girl!!! So precious!

  5. She has changed so much since I saw her last at Gigi's house. Her hair looks different, a little more "big girl" than baby! I heard she has started taking steps! What a doll. You and Kelli look so amazing! I know David & Tricia are extremely proud of their family!


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