Friday, July 13

Harper's New Friends...

Are coming soon!!!! I'm so excited for another baby boom that is going on around me!!!

Harper is about to get a BUNCH of new girlfriends! I'm so excited since most of my friends have boys!!

Here's a few of the little bumps I am allowed to share about... :)

 Harper, Jordan, and Baby Avery Nicole

Harper, Katharine, and Baby girl!

Harper, Mandy, and Baby Kalyn Avery

One of the best things I think is picking your baby name.  A fellow blogger the other day wrote a post on how she ended up with her kid's names.  I just love hearing baby names and think it is just so fun to see how you and your hubby came up with the name! Wouldn't that be a fun link-up?!  I've always said that I would get pregnant again just to use my other names I have stored up!!!


  1. Yay for new baby girls! Very exciting.

  2. Sorry to post on your blog, but I just wanted to contact you to let you know you can donate via paypal on my blog for the blessed bracelet and I'll send one your way. If you have any questions you can email me at I have not received payment from the invoice I sent & didn't want your order to be forgotten because I lost contact w/ you. :)


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