Tuesday, July 10

feeling {blessed}

Today I had this overwhelming sense of being blessed of my time with Harper.  We were sitting at the kitchen table as she was cheesing it up while we talked and ate our breakfast.

I've never posted my entries of my journey to get pregnant; however, let's just say that while I was trying to plan it in my head, I assumed that with my job I should try to have a due date in April or May as to not miss so much of the school year.  Well, obviously MY plan wasn't what GOD wanted.  I was due on Oct. 1st and had Harper on Sept. 29th.

Let me tell you how wonderful God's plan was WAY over mine.

1. I was able to take 14 weeks with my daughter because of Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas Break verses the 12 weeks I had saved and was allotted by FMLA.

2.  I was very nervous about being at work when I came back in August because I was beginning to get sick again and I was very, very swollen.  I ended up only working for about a month and a half.

3.  I believe one of the most hectic times of the year is the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With a new baby, I didn't feel any of that anxiety and busyness since I was on maternity leave {and I could shop for gifts during the day!}.

4.  I feel like I have gotten to be home with my daughter in one of the most developmental stages thus far this summer.  She's become so mobile, so interactive, so smart and I'm able to experience this all day long.  Just watching her as she grows on a daily basis has warmed my heart.  I've gotten to watch her learn to take steps over the past week - which is something amazing.  I see her learning to play on her own and with others.  I could just go on and on how amazing i think she is!

5.  The summer.  The summer is the best time of year!! Harper and I have been able to go outside, take walks, play at the park, go to the pool, just do all kinds of fun things outside without having to worry about too cold of weather!  We are on our own schedule and I just loooove that feeling.

Her age has been so very fun for this length of time I have off and I just feel like God {duh!} knew what He was doing to give me ample time with my baby while knowing I was going to have to be a working mother.

I feel like when you are in the moment of something and the timing isn't working like you wanted, you get very upset - as of course you would, that's a normal reaction.  But, don't you feel like looking back on your life, it was ALWAYS the right timing or situation to occur? It sure has for me.

For BIG things {i could just cringe thinking about how i almost messed up my life! ha!} and little things.

agh! i just love her soooooo much!


  1. She's a doll! God always has a plan ;)

  2. Love that sweet smile at the end... Oh, what a blessing God's plan always turns out to be! :)

  3. What a little cheeser! So precious:) God's plan is always the best...we just don't always know it at the time!

  4. Amen! This is such a fun stage to be at home to watch. I swear C learns something new everyday, it is amazing!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. This is very sweet, what a blessing that you get to be home with her experiencing all the new things she discovers.

  6. Isn't it amazing how God works things like that out? After I had Callaway our sitter got REALLY sick and was hospitalized for 8 weeks. Luckily I was already off with Callaway so I just kept Blake home with me. Ended up our children's pastor's wife lost her job about that time and was able to COME TO OUR HOUSE to watch the kids for the few months I went back to work. Amazing timing, huh??? Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!

  7. god is always bigger than us!!! I agree.... I have found that late summer/early fall babies are great for a teacher schedule. :) I am glad that even though working can be difficult for a mommy, you are able to see the blessings!

  8. i love reading how happy you are:) and I love how happy Harpy is:) she is a lucky little girl to have you as a momma!


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