Monday, July 9

Happy Birthday!

Hubs' birthday was on 7-07. He was SO sweet to offer to take Harper to the Aquarium on his day and we had the best time! {read about it here} I've done big parties for him in the past, but we agreed to just go more low-key this year and we both enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed dinner with a few close friends that night, too!

I let B open his presents from Harper and I a little early since we were meeting my family on the 4th for his breakfast birthday and my parent's present went along with mine! :)  He was quite surprised and I was so excited to get him an iPad.  We are sooo not those cool in the know people who have Apple products, but I knew he'd be able to use it a lot with his job and that eventually Harper would be able to do some learning games on it...and he's gotten me a lot of gifts this year {haha, push present, fancy camera, etc.} that I saved and got an amazing deal online.  Anyways, I can pretty much say it was a hit!

Happy 31 Years Hubby! Harper and I love you!!

Turtle Caramel Brownies and Cheesecake Brownies with 31 in strawberries:)


  1. my hubby just bought my an iPad for my birthday too. I love it. Happy birthday to your hubby

  2. He will definitely get tons of use out of the iPad. They are so handy for everything! I love Harper's little outfit. Too sweet!

  3. I love how she has her hand on the iPad already!!! Ha ha!


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