Sunday, July 8

One Fishy, Two Fishy

We took Harper to the Newport Aquarium on Saturday! It was SO MUCH FUN! I knew she was going to just love it...and our sweet girl far exceeded our expectations! The aquarium is pretty large and it took around 2 1/2 to go through it, in which Harper was amazing {especially with NO NAP in the car like we had so meticulously planned...}.  Although my pics do not do it justice, Harper kicked, squealed, babbled to the fish, and tried to touch every glass possible! It was wonderful!  Her favorites were the fish tanks with all the brightly colored fish. She didn't totally get the whole shark tunnel or the big Mighty Mike alligator, but she still was intrigued!

{pics are out of order...not sure why?!}

And like any good money-maker does, they dumped us out in the gift shop before you could leave! We held up every.single.stuffed.animal there was and Harper kept going back to a specific one, rubbing it, and giggling! So, we just knew we must get it for her! :)

This was truly one of the best days as a family I can remember. Pure Joy!!!!!


  1. Looks like Harper had a good time. Your first trip to the aquarium wouldn't be complete without an animal from the gift shop. We took the girls to the aquarium for the first time a couple weeks ago and they loved it

  2. It looks like Harper had a wonderful first visit to the aquarium! Her eyes just are lit up and they seem to follow the fish! I am SO glad it was a positive trip for the family! Happy birthday to Brian.

  3. Aww how fun!! I haven't taken Emily to a place like that yet but maybe I will soon! :)


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