Thursday, August 30

11 Months of Harper Lovin'

Oooh dear! This month birthday was a tough one! I cannot believe my little girl has been with us for almost a year.  Where in the world has the time gone?!  This past 11 months has been the most amazing time in my entire life.  I mean, I can just not imagine each day without our little Harper.

August 29, 2012

totally HARPER!


Weight/Height: we find out next month!

Size: diapers - 3's Pampers only, 6-9 month clothes, some 9-12 month clothes

Sleep: she's currently only taking 1-2 short naps at the sitter's home, but on the weekends she's still taking her 2 good naps!  Night sleeping is still going wonderfully {fingers crossed!} but she goes to bed around 7:00 because of being SOO tired from playing with her friends at the sitter's home all day.

Day time Routine: Since I'm back to work, Harper is back to the home sitter.  It was a tough transition this month, but I think we are at the end of it and Harper is very happy to see her little buddies.  Because H is walking everywhere, she thinks she's older and plays solely with the 2 2yo's! ha! So, her sitter says she wears herself out daily chasing them around!

New Things:  What an incredibly sweet girl we have been blessed with! H loves to hug and love on her baby and pink 'gator.  She also will randomly come over to you and lay her head down or hug your back. It's really cute!  H also has learned to dance a little!! She shakes her left hand {she's a lefty...what?!} and twists her little body! Sweet thang!  One thing I'm loving is that when H walks, she will lift her hand and want to hold yours as she walks.  Not all the time - so when it happens it's so sweet!  Harper also LOVES dogs! I mean, like she LOVES them! We have no idea since she's never around animals, but it's hilarious.  She will chase after them and just go up to them and wave.  Oh yea...she finally WAVES!  But, she only waves to dogs, kids, and when she hears the train that goes by! hahaha :)  She still babbles a ton, too! We are with the same words and have added "duuc" for duck {mama, dada, ba(ball)}  She also sits in the tub all by herself...and loves it!

Food: We are still on baby food for the most part, but we do let her try different foods.  I am just not super comfortable in this area and I don't really think H's pediatrician is very helpful in this!  She does LOVE water and will only want to drink out of straw cups.  We've cut out 1-2 bottles, too!

Personality: She's still her same sweet girl! She's very independent and pretty much aggressive in knowing what she wants and will try her hardest to get it/to it.  We love that about her! She's a very go-with-the-flow type of girl, too.  And of course, since she's our first, we think she's soo smart! hahaha

We love you sweet girl! Man, we are SOO LUCKY!



  1. Happy 11 months! That last picture is adorable by the way. One more month and she hits the big 1-2!

  2. Happy 11 months Miss Harper!! Time has really flown by this year! I cannot believe that our babies are turning 1 so soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't believe her first birthday is right around the corner!


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