Thursday, August 30

Pigtails & Pacifiers {guest post!}

Hi friends! With the start of school and trying to get back to a routine of being a working Momma, I've had a few friends offer to blog post for me! I must tell you, these posts are so fun and I love the perspective they are bringing to Blissfully Burton!

Harper, Brian, and I will be back soon to share in all that we've been doing; but for now, read a little bit about Brandi from Pigtails & Pacifiers on Parenting Styles!  Make sure to check out her blog, too!

As for Brandi's readers - thanks for hopping over here...sit and stay a while! :)


Hello Blissful Burton Readers! I’m so excited to be posting for Megan while she gets readjusted to school starting and balancing the at home life, especially with Miss Harper on the move! I’m Brandi from over at Pigtails & Pacifiers, mommy to Brooklyn Grace & (trophy) wife to Stephen.

I thought long and hard about what to write about today, the choices were massive, but I finally decided on the topic of Parenting Styles.

My parenting style is what I guess one would consider attachment style, like bordering on being the crunchy granola type. We baby wear, breast feed, cloth diaper, *still* room share, and actually {gasp} just weaned Brooklyn of the swaddle. Now I know that my style is not what is best for everyone, it just so happens to be right for us. I have to admit though, I never saw myself parenting this way. I grew up in Dallas, and was a card carrying member of big hair, high heels, shopaholic, and fiercely independent woman club. Even once I moved to Virginia and fell in love with my husband, we loved being a dual income no child household. We vacationed all the time, enjoyed fancy dinners, and frequented our area’s night life. I remember cringing when babies would cry and interrupt our dinner, now I’m the mom with my baby strapped to my chest in the Bjorne at all our summer festivals (still wearing my heels though). I worked as a nanny for 4 years, I always envisioned myself going back to work, yet here I am taking a year off from teaching to be home with this sassy face.

I can honestly say I NEVER imagined myself cloth diapering, I thought “Why would anyone put themselves through that extra trouble? Disposables are so easy!” Yet again, here I am making monthly trips to the Diaper Junction to try out new styles. If you’re interested in hearing more about this journey here is my post on it. People always say never say never, and holy cow am I one prime example of this! I never thought that parenthood would take me the places that it has, but I have truly loved every second of it. And one day, when I get my room back, I’ll finally have the space to reflect back & enjoy it all :0)



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