Sunday, August 19

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,

It's back to work I go!

Whew! Been a long week...but it's been a great week! I am exhausted, Brian is exhausted, and Harper is exhausted.  How do we know?  Well, Friday night she slept 14 hours straight. WHOA. She hasn't done that in a while.

We are all surviving and it's all going to be ok. :)

Here's a few pics from my classroom...

Currently, I'm spending my free time{nap time} that is, working on school things, 2 showers I have coming up, and a VERY special birthday!  If you'd like to possibly do a guest post within the current or next month, please email me!!


  1. It looks great! I would love to post for you! :-)

  2. Wow...I student taught in the room that's now yours. I can't believe they still haven't replaced the chalk boards with white boards! I bought those markers too, but the chalkboards were part of the reason I didn't choose to work there; they caused such allergy problems for me. Your room is so cute!


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