Wednesday, September 5

the {family} room

My family room is finally *closer* to the way I've imagined it and I just have to share!

Hubby promised me new furniture if I would go back to work after having Harper {his way I think to make me keep going every day last year! haha} so we began looking everywhere for a certain look.  After we couldn't find what we were looking for, we decided to get custom made chairs in a tan houndstooth fabric.  I'm so in love!  A little boutique shop in town created the yellow pillows in the pictures and the green pillows are from Kirklands.

I'm loving the new look! Of course, toys line every extra space we have in this room, but I took the pics before Jordan's shower, so they are hidden a bit!

I didn't get a pic, but the other corner opposite the side chair and beside the fireplace is another houndstooth chair with ottoman.  The chair holds a square green pillow with a large button that is similar to the long one on the couch.  The side table stayed with same with the horse photo, Keeneland lamp, and Harper photos! :)

I'll post soon about the rest of our new additions and now Harper-friendly areas in the house!

Hope you all have a good week! Thanks for making all my guest poster's feel welcome! Hope you found some new blogs to follow, and thanks for my new followers, too!  Hoping to get back to posting a few times a week again! Fingers crossed! :)


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