Saturday, September 8

"give Momma a kiss"

Love her ;)

{please do not listen to my voice. really. i have no idea how kids listen to me talk all day, but i must say my voice sounds worse on camera!}


  1. so cute! i love little harpy :)

  2. way cute.
    I may have to stop reading your blog. She makes mine look bad! She is way advanced. Walking, following directions...we need work. LOL!

  3. What a good girl!!! So sweet:)

  4. that is the sweetest thing ever!!

  5. so precious!! def made me smile!!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. That was the most precious video EVER. Seriously so stinkin' cute. I am in love. When Emma Claire does that for the first time I may just faint from the cuteness!

    Also I feel TERRIBLE I totally flaked on my guest post for you! It was NOT intentional! I ended up leaving early for my NC trip and it just slipped my mind to email you before I left! Please don't hate me!!! :-)


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