Sunday, September 9

Girl's Trip '12!

Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, 3 of my friends and I went on an ALL DAY shopping trip! I mean, we shopped till we literally dropped! We shopped the outlets for 9 straight hours!! Are you kidding me? I cannot tell you the last time I did that! We had no strollers, no babies, no time limit in sight! It was soo nice...and kind of weird!

Now, don't get me wrong, I sorely missed my Harpie and Brian, but, it was such a wonderful and short get-away. Just what the 4 of us needed together!  Maegan, Mary, and Sara went.  We all used to work together at the same school for several years and it was so awesome how we just seemed to instantly connect with one another.  I mean, how many of you can say that about your co-workers?  Well, last year, a few changes happened and we were worried it would affect our friendships.  But what we've learned over this year is that when you have true friends, a little distance won't change anything! Sara now works at a different school and Maegan is staying home with her son, Collins!

After we shopped for 9 hours (silly us, we thought we'd have time for IKEA, too! Nope!) than we checked into our hotel (that we got downtown Cincy...Labor Day weekend...for $75!!!), got ready, and went out! After going to a not-so-hot-place...we found ourselves at the Mynt Martini for some fabulous food and then a nightclub! We danced the night away {or until 11:30...} and then stumbled in our big high heels none of us are used to wearing back to the hotel.  As we fell asleep we giggled and laughed about old memories, new memories, and the thought of all of our steal-deals from the shopping trip!

beginning of the night...

end of the night...

Maegan and Mary

Sara and me
Thanks Ladies! I loved that my first trip away from H & B was with you all!! XOXO

Our last trip together was Spring Break 2008! Um, hi, can I PLEASE be that skinny again?!

{we missed you, Tiff!}


  1. Glad u all had such a good time!!:)

  2. you guys look so cute!!!! I love that you dressed up and wend out. Miss you all soooooo much!!

  3. How fun! I just had my first girls weekend away a couple weeks back and it was just what I needed. Bet you scored some great deals if you shopped for 9 hours!

  4. I had so much fun! Love those pics from SB!! XO

  5. How fun! I have yet to leave Dave and Jade alone overnight. :)


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