Saturday, September 22

{pinch me}

I have no idea how lucky I got.

I have a fabulous husband, who happens to be a fantastic father to our most amazing little baby.

She is precious and perfect in every way.

Our conversations revolve around how much MORE we love her every day. How she has the best personality, the best outlook, the sweetest sense, and the best disposition ever.

As her first birthday draws near, I cannot help but pinch myself. My life, albeit far from perfect, is so wonderful.

Everything I imagine my little family doing this time last year while I was pregnant...we are actually doing.  Saturdays mean the world to me to spend time with my family all day.

I'm so in love. More, everyday.


  1. I completely know what you mean! My daughter just turned one this week and I'm in awe of what an amazing addition she has been to our family!

  2. How sweet! I can't believe Harper is almost one!

  3. I know how you feel.. It's always the little things that are actually big that make our lives wonderful :) I love her outfit in that picture!!


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