Monday, October 1

12 MONTHS of {Harper} LOVIN'

Woo! A whole 12 months this precious baby is!!

Height: 28 3/4, 38%tile
Weight: 19 lbs, 16%tile - we've got a tiny baby girl!
Head: 46 cm, 76%tile

Size: Baby Dry Pampers all the time - 3, clothes: 9 months, 12 months

Hair/Eye Color: We officially have a blonde haired brown eyed baby girl!

Bottles: 3 bottles a day of Alimentum/beginning to slowly fad 2 bottles out...{I don't want to drop the night bottle - we like cuddling her too much!}  But we met with our doc. today and she has a very slow plan for us to switch to whole milk to see if Harper's sensitive belly can handle it. Our doctor was soo great about the bottle transition!!!

Food: tried any people food (besides nuts and honey of course) but still prefers baby food most of the time, loves all fruit, will begin trying more now!

Sleep: 7pm-6:30am Mon-Thur, 8pm-8am Fri.-Sun., two 1 1/2 hour naps on the weekends or when she's home, one 1 hour nap at the sitter's home

New Things:
*Directions: Harper follows several different directions and sequences of directions. "Where are your socks?" (points to socks or pulls on them - we say this a lot when we're getting dressed I guess?!), "Get your book" (currently she finds and grabs Mr. McGregor & the Flopsy Bunnies), "Kick the ball" (finds the purple football and kicks it with her left foot)
*Words: When Harper receives a snack she says "dank ooo" (thank you), and she also says it all the time for whenever she hands you something or she gets something from you! She says clearly and with meaning - Mama, Dada, ball
"oohs" when she's excited
*Movement: runs!, walks with her arms out when someone she knows is near her, claps her hands, dances to a few specific songs, waves, doesn't care too much for the stairs or cabinets anymore
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Baby Faith DVD's in the car (giggles and oohs!)
holding her water sippy - a new one without trainer handles
BOOKS - she's rather be read to than play with anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shapes and things with wheels
Cinnamon Maple Sticks from Gerber
holding gator or her baby when she gets tired

She had 3 shots and her finger pricked. She did great and cried for about a minute! Thanks Daddy for coming today!

Can't believe it! After weekly pregnancy updates and then Monthly Updates of Harper; she is really 1 year old!

Doctor was very impressed and said she thinks we have a strong girl on our hands! She said her personality and demeanor looked great Harper is so laid back but also in to everything! She's pretty happy all the time!  Her bestie is still 'Raffi! She loves him!

**Birthday Party Post coming soon!!! It was this past weekend!!!**


  1. she is getting so big (yet so petite!). love watching her grow and do new things :) and excited about her party post!!

  2. Happy 12 months to Harper!! She is a cutie and I am excited to see her party pics. :)

  3. Happy, happy 1st birthday Harper! It's been awhile since we stopped by to say Hi, but you are just as beautiful as ever! :)

  4. I can't believe she is ONE!!! Happy birthday Harper:) I can't wait to see party pics!

  5. We have tiny one year olds too!
    She is such a big girl, talking and walking!
    We need some lessons.

  6. Ah, I purposely came onto blogger to find your blog because I knew Harper's birthday was soon (or had been recently!) I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! The milestones and accomplishments that Miss Harper has made are amazing! Way to go pretty girl!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. I hope you had a great birthday, Harper! You're such a cutie!


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