Wednesday, October 17

He's Mine

Hubby and I are such a TEAM with the parenting thing.  We totally don't take on the 1950s roles, which I give major props to those of you who do, but it's not something I'd want to do.  Brian and I of course have things we do better than the other, but for the most part we see Harper as OUR daughter, OUR responsibility, and OUR life.  It's nice to have your other half feel that way.

Before Harper, Brian was an avid golf player.  Like, played every Friday night until it would snow outside with his buddies.  Would spend a majority of Saturdays playing golf, and usually 1-2 nights a week go watch games with his friends.  As we got married, some of that slowed down, but it wasn't until Harper came that Brian began truly putting his family time first.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Not everyone needs to be this way - it's whatever works for your family! But what I see in this is the joy that Brian has as a father.  I know he'd rather spend his days with his sweet girl {and hopefully me too!} doing new things with her.

That puts a huge smile on my face.  Not ever having to 'ask' Brian to stay home or play with us.  Not having to 'ask' Brian to help feed Harper or help give her a bath.  Just those little things that I see as a total parenting team thing, but what some men may not want to do.  Our parenting is pretty 50/50 and when one of us has had a tiring day, the other one swoops in and helps out a little more.  It's so very nice.  And yes, I completely realize how lucky I am! :)  We may not be the richest of people nor have the best life, but I am sure thankful for every day blessings I am given.

So I am thankful for being given a husband who sees me as his equal and treats me with the respect that I treat him with...


  1. Enjoyed catching up on your blog! Read the last two just now and I am thinking you and Brian are on track...the right one. Harper is happy, healthy, loved beyond words and you are juggling life well. As you said, keep those couple of hours at night between the two of you, sacred! If you're too tired to talk, you can just sit close and hold hands! Just do it together. Blessings to your family!

  2. so amazing! Shane is the same way Brian used to be! I know his has slowed down a little since we got married, but not much. More like moved around! Ha! He plays at least 2-3 times a week, but where he used to take advantage of Sunday mornings there, now he may go after church or other times. I just envisioned him as I was reading this post! I have a good feeling he will be the same way as Brian! I am sure that you are the same as me, but I love that he loves golf. His passion for it is great and I love that!


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