Monday, October 15

Where are the Burton's?!

Ok, in my previous posts I accidentally lied... I haven't gotten any better at blogging regularly or reading other blogs like I'd promised!!

I've got LOTS to write about and have been writing all kinds of things in my head all day long (do you all do that? It's methodical to me!) but I never seen to take the time to sit down, open up my computer, and type!

So...Where have the Burton's been and what have they been up to?

Harper turned one about 2 weeks ago.  We hadn't started her on whole milk or real food until after we met with our doctor.  Well...that has been a lot of fun! We go out to eat and order her food and she just loves it all! Believe me, we know how lucky we are! The transition to whole milk (you know, with her protein allergy) has actually been way better than anticipated! She didn't really seem to have a problem with the transition...but actually breaking the bottle habit is a little harder! More on that to come! I'm already much better about the dinners I cook every night making sure there is plenty of variety and healthier options! Her personality is just like the books say! She wants her independence and being such a good little walker/runner isn't helping with that! She can now get easily frustrated when she wants something but can't seem to communicate it.  But, thankfully she's stayed her sweet self - kissing all the time, saying thank you to just about everything, and giving lots of hugs!

Brian is one hard working Daddy! His job has gotten busier than ever and as of early Aug. he celebrated his one year anniversary with his new job and new title.  It's a lot more pressure and work on him than his previous job but he is doing so well and getting so good at it! So proud of how hard he works for us! He's also been able to have a few Daddy-Daughter days which have been just so cute to watch him or hear him talk about his days.  So blessed to have such a good hubby/daddy!  He also took off to have a family day with Harper and me during our Fall Break.  More on what we did to come!

Boy oh boy! This has been probably the hardest I've ever worked at school!  I am not sure if it's the new standards we are teaching to, the ability levels I have in my class (ranging from well below grade level all the way to well above grade level), or my new POV I have since becoming a Mom (I'll explain in another post) but MAN, I am pooped by the end of each day!!!  I still constantly struggle with being a working mom, but I've come to find out you pretty much never get over that! But I can say, when I'm at work, I enjoy what I do and try to do it the best I can.  And when I get home, I find the energy to then be the best Mommy I can be for those few hours I have with my girl!  I haven't really had the time to craft, decorate, or blog lately, but I'm pretty much ok with that! The most crafts I do were for Harper's birthday and then for another fun slew of baby showers that are coming up! So fun to watch my friends be Mommy's!!!

**Marriage Time**
One main reason I haven't been blogging as much is that I want to make sure I'm giving my husband adequate time at night.  Our daughter goes to bed around 7-730 and I usually go to bed around 930, so that little bit of time between making my lunch for the next day and cleaning up and getting work things ready I really need to focus on him! Marriage is a funny thing once you have a kid, don't you agree?  The bond has become so much thicker but in the same right, it's much harder and in our case we have to be more intentional to work on making sure we are still putting each other first even when we are whipped by the end of the day!!

**Family Time**
I love this time of year! And thankfully it's been wonderful weather weekend days! We've been to different orchards around here, fairs, the Zoo, and little play places.  I truly appreciate my husband for loving to make family memories as much as me!!!  And of course, I'm LOVING all the new cute outfits I'm able to dress Harper up in even if that meant I had to shed a few tears while I was packing up her summer clothes!!! ;)

So...that's been us in a nutshell!! :) I do not promise...but I hope to get back to blogging and reading in the near future! :)


  1. I so hope you go back to blogging!! I understand how busy it is to be a working momma though! I do love reading about your work/family time together though because it makes me feel more normal =)

  2. I totally write posts in my head like that too! Good for you for making sure to spend time on your marriage - I've had to set up some rules for myself as far as making sure I'm not on the computer when Derek is home, and it's important I think!

  3. I feel ya girl! I haven't blogged in months and I could kick myself for not writing some of our life down, but I just don't have time and when I do, I don't have the energy! I've been reading a lot of poems for the poetry book you got me (remember the one?) and my kids love it! They are begging me to read poems! It had a sweet note in it from you, saying if I didn't decide to teach then I could read it to my own kids! Well I think I will just do both!! Funny how time changes so much in your life!

  4. i totally understand the lack of blogging time!! i have a hard time getting the things we do written about for memories sake, much less all of the fun random thought posts that everyone loves! i cant believe harper is one! i began following you when you were preg with her! sounds like youre doing a great job balancing and keeping priorities in line!!


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