Wednesday, June 2

Chinese Dinner

Ever since my mom bought me an easy-to-follow-with-pictures cookbook, I've really gotten into this whole cooking and entertaining thing. I've come to almost get upset when Brian suggests he only wants cereal for dinner or he's not hungry for a big breakfast on a Saturday morning (although we've honestly only had time for 2 of those!). I'm sure this will fade, but for now, I find peace, relaxation, and the sense of being needed when I cook dinner for us.

Last night I was scrounging around the pantry to find something to cook and I decided to make sweet and sour chicken.
Here's what I used from items that were in the pantry/fridge:
2 frozen chicken breasts, thawed
cornstarch & cajun seasoning
a box of white rice (great value brand of course!)
orange pepper
sweet and sour sauce

Now I had the pineapple and orange pepper left over from our cookout Saturday night(Memorial Day Weekend post to come soon once I've received the pictures) and the sweet and sour sauce from a while ago when using it as a marinade.

I cooked the rice first, then cut up the chicken, mixed it in the cornstarch, and cooked it in the skillet. Next I poured lots of sauce (we are big sauce people), the cut up pineapple, and the pepper in the skillet for a few minutes.

Viola! Donezo in a matter of 30 minutes.
So easy and delicious!

{my husband doing his part ~ cleaning the dishes! ick!}

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