Thursday, June 3


I am trying to decide on painting a horse head on the tops of my two bar stools that sit in the kitchen. It is not a needed thing, but I think it would be a neat treat for the eye to continue tying in the horse theme on the first floor.
What are your thoughts? I'd love some feedback on this idea...


  1. i think you should totally do it. Thats a really good unique idea that will add character to your pretty house :) It might be hard though!! How are you at painting horse heads?? I feel like horse are the hardest things to draw. If you're scared, you could try to do a black silhouette of a horse. Or, you could do a hose shoe- that would be cute too.

  2. Kat~I like the horse shoe idea! And yes, if I do it I will only do the silhoute horse head...I have a special way to do it!!! :) Thanks for your thoughts. You may help me! haha


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