Sunday, June 6

Weekend Cookouts

{although a little late}
Over Memorial Day weekend B and I hosted our work friends over for a cookout. Below are some fun pictures from the night.
{Katharine and I sharing a fun 'everything goes' cocktail}


{the drink cooler wrapped with flip flop favors for the girls}

The following weekend Sara had the girls over for an appetizer get-together. It was so fun and such a good idea. Appetizers are my favorite food group!

On Saturday B and I tried out a new place for brunch, Josie's in Chevy Chase. It was super yummy! We then went to the pool for a few hours.
{playing with Colby}

On Saturday night Alison and Nick had a Couples Cookout Shower. It was so fun and Jordan planned a great night! We gave Alison and Nick a 'Date Night' shower gift. We've loved going to Talon Winery with them in the past so we thought it would make a meaningful gift. We purchased their wine glasses and B wine stopper off their registry and wrapped it in a canvas B bag(their last name starts with B, so now I get to shop for her and me!!), a B cutting board (for wine and cheese), damask napkins, and a bottle of wine.

Next we had a chance to get a drink with Amanda and Philip. Philip is hard at work in Residency and barely gets time off, so we felt blessed to be able to spend time with him yesterday! We tried out a new place, The Cellar. It was super fun and the menu looked yummy as well!

Lastly, we potted a new plant for the porch. I always drive by other people's houses and love the look of this type of pot, so today we used a Home Depot gift card from the wedding and put this together. I was super happy with the look!


  1. yay for fun cookouts! the flip flop idea is SO fun! I have never seen that before:) and we had so much fun at the Cellar :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! I needed a cheaper alternative than the $35 drink tins, so I thought adding a little fun 'surprise' would make the plastic drink cooler more appealing! :)


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