Tuesday, June 8

Who You Gonna Call?

Dad or Husband?
So yesterday afternoon, my car broke down. And for a minute, I wasn't sure who to call. Previously I would have called my Dad. He's been called quite often in times of panic and stress ~ especially on car issues. But now I have a husband and if I remember correctly from our little pre-marital classes, my husband is the one I need to learn to lean on. It isn't that I didn't think B didn't know how to help. It was just a reaction I hadn't had until now. So I called B first and had him help me and get there.
Then I called Dad. :)

Here is a small glimpse of what happened. Looking bad, it seems hilarious. At the time I was super creeped out.
I had to go into work for a meeting {which B said it was karma getting me because I shouldn't be at work on my first official day of Summer} and afterwards I stopped to get gas at not the cleanest or nicest place, but a very cheap gas place. To fill up my big SUV tank I have to go into the sketchy places sometimes.

So I go to turn back on my car and it was a no go. I tried it a couple more times and nada. After calling B and asking him what to do I spotted a tow truck getting gas. I decided to walk over and see if he knew what was the problem thinking it couldn't be anything big, my car is fairly new.

To make a long story short, he worked on my car trying to figure it out for an hour and a half, meanwhile Brian was on his way, and meanwhile his wife or gf in another car was screaming at him to stop talking to me/looking at me/helping me.
He also took my key, told me to shut the door and locked me in my car. It was a zillion degrees outside and I was already hot from being scared and nervous so I started crying because I could just see him leaving me there to suffocate in the heat. {still have no clue how that was going to help...}

However, that was just my Lifetime Movie brain. The tow truck guy, despite looking very scary, was actually so nice. Once he realized there was no way he could help, he offered to go ahead and tow me since it would take forever to call a tow.
This morning I found out I have a month and a half left on my warranty and my car battery will be covered! Thank you God!

Monday night was also the opening game for B's cousin Lana. I had set it up for us to come and watch her softball debut. During the car turmoil I was getting really upset that we were not going to make it. If I know anything about kids, it's that I hate disappointing a child. I see it all the time in my classroom and I always try and keep my promises to kids. B agreed he could go straight there in his suit and we caught the last 30 minutes of Lana's game. It was so cute. There were little tiny girls running around all the bases and hitting the ball!


  1. Lana and I appreciate all you guys went through to make it to her softball debut...she was SO excited to have you there cheering her on :)! Hope to see you again soon! Love you both!

  2. Megan, why we have such drama in life, only God knows. Maybe, as they say, it only makes us stronger. I'm not sure I agree, but that's one answer. Anyway, we have only missed two of Austin & Matthew's t ball games and they do notice when people are there/aren't there. I'm sure Lana will understand and be happy any time you and Brian attend. It means the world to them to be noticed and thought important enough for grown ups to cheer:) That was so nice.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your blog is so cute! I just have 1 question -- how does one get locked IN a car? Couldn't you just open the door?

    On another note, I coached 9-10 year old girls soccer a couple of years ago, and I specifically remember one game where this little girl on my team was so distracted throughout the game waiting for her teacher to show up as promised. As the game came to a close, Madeline burst into tears because her teacher never showed. I will never forget the hurt she was feeling.

    You're awesome for going through all that and having your sweet cousin on your mind the whole time :)

  4. Emily! I didn't even think about that until the morning after when I was talking to my sister! Oh the things your mind will make up when in panic mode! haha

  5. If it would have been me, I would have called Brian and he would have said "Call your dad" =)haha too funny!!


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