Wednesday, June 9

Fish Fry

I made fish last night!!

That is a big deal because I do not like fish and I definitely do not like handling fish!

I've promised to make fish for B for a while now. He really likes it and we hardly eat seafood here. I've learned over the past 2 yeas to like a very small amount of seafood ever since I went on vacation with B's family and they all love seafood!
So I made a little 'Savannah-ish' meal for our engagement anniversary {yes, we celebrated that...I like to celebrate everything}.

Here is my beer-battered fish, Red Lobster style cheddar biscuits, baked potato, and salad. We have Firefly Lemonade and Bourbon Lemonade beverages!

I found the recipe for the Red Lobster style Cheddar Biscuits HERE

I found the recipe for Beer Battered Fish in one of my cookbooks and added a little twist~
Roll 2 fresh Cod in rolled Special K flakes.
Bake for 18 minutes on 350 degree, rotating after 10 min.
Mix 2/3 cup beer and McCormick's fry batter (comes in a box)
Dip baked Cod in mixture
Heat skillet with vegetable oil, fry Cod on either side 3-4 min each
Pat extra grease dry on paper towel
Serve with Lemon

Below are a few pictures from our Engagement in Savannah a year ago~

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  1. How fun to celebrate your engagement anniv =)
    You are a better wife than me to have fish!


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