Friday, July 30

It Just Keeps Gettin' Better

Please don't roll your eyes at this post! This is a real blog where I talk about real things. And I just have to tell you that it REALLY does just keep getting better!

We just celebrated our 4 month anniversary! Like I'm sure I stated in earlier posts, I'm reverting back to high school dating days where we celebrate each month until our first year anniversary! And then I'll stop. Maybe.

We both were apparently thinking the same thing this time and both gave each other sweet cards. Every month has been a little bit different celebrating and it's been fun.

We went to eat at O'Charley's since I had a gift card from one of my student's to use {can you believe it, Mom, that we let that one go for so long?!}. And then came my reasoning of why this marriage thing keeps gettin' better.

Reason #4,568 of why I love my husband: our in-depth, hilarious, meaningful, amazing, deep, wonderful, real conversations.
I like to refer to these our patio talks, because it seemed like we'd have these wonderful conversations mostly when we were sitting on my patio when I lived at Merrick. We'd sit there for hours and just have the most meaningful conversations. Well just because I don't have my Merrick patio anymore doesn't mean those have stopped. They happen often on our new patio as well as in the kitchen, in bed, and on date nights.

At O'Charley's we ended up being there for way too long just talking and having one of those patio talks. It's so amazing the way we work together. It seems so easy to open up during these times, feeling unguarded, to discuss anything and everything. And my husband talks! I'm so thankful for that. For not ever feeling like he's not opening up or I'm talking too much. It's sooo nice to feel that {especially when you've had the opposite happen!}.

I also want you to know I'm not taking any of this for granted. I had my times with being single, and being with the wrong person, but it's so nice to be able to finally reflect on those terribly hard times to know this is what I was getting ready for!
*Hebrews 13:5, I will never fail you, I will never forsake you*
Have a great weekend!

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