Friday, July 30

Me in a Book Club??

I've never been much of a reader. I think it's because I read slow, get ADHD when reading, and have to re-read material over and over again to understand what I'm reading. Therefore, TV keeps my attention more!
{But don't tell my students, I pretend I read all the time for their sake.}

Well anyways, my group of friends from college started a Book Club this summer.
{To my husband's surprise he stated, "since when did your friends read books instead of drink martini's together" in which my response was "when we started checking the 26-30 box on our taxes and realized drinking makes us fat"}

I read the first book, The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, for the June club but wasn't able to make it! This time around it was this book:
{I didn't read it, whoops}.

So ~ We met at Ann's beautiful home last night and I attended my first book club. I felt very mature and adult-ish. The book they were discussing was anything but that! HA! It sounded like a crazy book, but if you watch Chelsea Handler on her late-night show, she is crazy!
Ann had lots of yummy food for us and a delicious drink she made from Tastefully Simple mix. YUM!
{the cute hostess, Ann}
{the girls + baby Grady}
{Grace - who also didn't read the book! - wore fake glasses to look the part!}

So I guess this is more of an excuse to get together once a month, but I think I'm going to love it! I'll really, really try my best to read the books, but as you know I'm still reading these books, so we'll see! The thing I love about it best is it's the same day of the month every month - perfect for planning! I'm going to host October and I'm so excited! I love a reason to host a good party!

*Hopefully by then I've found the perfect curtains I've STILL been looking for*

PS- All the girls are getting on Good Reads. If you're in to reading, you'd love this site!

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