Saturday, September 11

Bourbon Theme~Kinda

So Friday night I planned our date night. Knowing my love for themed events, I tried to make our date night themed out. Too bad I was a bit confused on the places I chose! ha! But it worked out better than planned.

B was supposed to have a procedure done on Friday afternoon. It ended up not happening due to his horrendous insurance plan-it was going to cost us a whole lot out of pocket. So he cancelled and is in hopes he can switch to mine in October and re-schedule. Anyways~I decided I'd plan a date night for us.

It started out with notes in the garage telling him where to go in the house and what to do. Of course Mr. Burton who is not observant at all totally missed the first note and was confused! I had to yell from upstairs down at him and tell him to go back into the garage to read the note!! We'd been meaning to fill our decanter that so nicely sits on our China hutch but have never gotten around to it. So I went and bought one of his favorite Bourbon's and filled it.
**************** on to the date night part :)
So my theme was bourbon, so I thought I'd take him to Bourbon N Toulouse. Did you know they don't serve bourbon? It's named because it's a creole place like New Orleans. WHOOPS! hahaha Nevertheless, it was fun because neither of us had ever eaten there. They have super yummy food, a patio, and no meal was over $6.50. How fun is that?! It's also located in the ever-so-fun Chevy Chase area so it led to good people watching and conversations while on the patio.
My next idea was to take him to Bluegrass Tavern downtown, but since he'd already left the bourbon drinking behind, we decided against my plan and try out the new Beer Trappe that was just a few steps away from Bourbon N Toulouse.
This place was super fun! I tried to catch a few snaps with my Blackberry, so sorry for the dark and blurry. They had tons of different ales and even made their own. I tried some Pumpkin Spice ale. It was only good for about 3 sips. I couldn't hardly drink the entire glass. They offered beer flights (which are so fun) and tastings of their different ales offered. Again, the crowd was a bit eclectic since it was in the Chevy Chase area, but it was fun! I'd definitely recommend it!
{out on the patio after stalking one...haha}
{B with his drink. Cool place inside.}
{B checking out the wall of ales from around the world.}

Now on to football for the entire day... :)

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  1. yummmmmm! We went to Bourbon and Toulouse this summer and loved it.


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