Wednesday, September 8

Dinner & Papers {Cheese Tortellini with Pep}

I made this super yummy meal while begging Brian to help me grade papers. Too bad we ate entirely too much and were too worn out to grade the papers! AHH!
I am truly happy I love my class this year because everything else with work seems to be getting more and more stressful with every email! ha! But enough about that ~ at least I have a job...I know, I know. :)

This meal isn't that awesome, but I know some of you like trying to recipes we try, so here goes. :)

Cheese Tortellini with Pepperoni (Cheat-Sheet)
(Now, you are supposed to actually hand make the cheese tortellini, but who has time for that when you have a J-O-B?! So this recipe is my cheat-sheet kind. Maybe I'll make the real kind during Fall Break!)
What you need:
1 box of cheese tortellini (in the refrigerated section)
1 bag of pepperonis
1/2 Prego Sauce
Parmesan Cheese
How to make:
Cook the tortellini by the package. Cut pepperoni into fourths. Mix in half noodles and half pepperoni, then repeat. Pour sauce over and sprinkle with Parmesan.
Serve with a salad and cheesy bread!
And of course, serve into one of your cute baking dishes ~ I love using all my Spode polka dot dishes!
Also, I've been keeping my kitchen table like this. I love having the chargers on there all the time. I put the lemons back into the bowl (I got rid of the golf theme from this post). I need to make a fall theme in there soon!

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