Wednesday, October 6

Colby Date

I remember a few years ago I felt like I couldn't turn around without seeing another person state they were engaged! {Facebook} NOW, everyone I know has moved on to saying they're expecting! While I am SO happy for all the mommas-to-be out there that I know, I can't help but feel this left behind feeling sometimes. Now, how stupid is that? I mean, yes, I just got married and I'm loving it, and no, I don't think we are ready for that next step just yet, I just hate feeling like I'm going to be the last one to hit that mark, too! HAHA, I know, I'm crazy! But I might as well get over that feeling ~ I guess it's kind of like that "keeping up with the Jones'" thing, and we all know that gets you nowhere! So I'll enjoy my freedom and my nephews for now!
Anyways on to my fabulous day!
Colby and I had a Date today. Do you know how cool this is? I've NEVER taken him anywhere by myself. Two summers ago I babysat him a few times on my own, but not much. This past summer I was so busy with other things that I don't even think I got more than an hour or two on my own with him. Usually when I see him it's either on Sunday's at Mom and Dad's or at Kelli's house. So to get him all by myself was exciting and nerve racking!

I obviously over-thought it way too much since the night before I was having nightmares about him screaming in the pottery place!

However, I'm happy to report it was such a fun day! Colby and I went to The Mad Potter to make his mommy something for Christmas with his hand prints. Too bad I can't show you the end result just yet, but it was so fun! Colby is literally an amazing baby {is he technically a kid now??}. I talked through what we were going to do, and he listened. He helped put the paint away, and he even patiently waited for me to finish up the present!

Next, we danced away in the car to Chik-Fil-A. Seriously, he's hilarious! I wish I had his dance moves on video. After I started mocking him and dancing too he just about choked on himself laughing so hard! At Chik-Fil-A we tried to eat lunch, but he was too excited to "play"! We had a great time in the play area {despite these snooty Moms who were trying to tell me weird things!}.

Next we came to my house to play a little before taking him to his GiGi's house. He was in love with my Craft Room playing with all the ribbons, markers, etc.

We had such a fun time! I'm just in the world do I get my future kid to be that happy and understanding? Hmmm... :) Guess we'll see one day if I can!

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