Saturday, January 1

Resolutions: 2011

As stated in my last year's {2010's} Resolutions, I don't really do resolutons. I set goals and hope to acheive them.  Look HERE to see the ones I made and didn't make... oops :).

In RED are whether I made these goals or not at the end of 2011 (12/31/11)
2011's Resolutions {Goals}:
1. Be a good wife proverbs31:30 - I tried. I guess Brian can be the judge of that!
2. letting the small things go, especially at work ephesians4:1-3 - Although I'm not totally over it, I think I've gotten SO much better!
3. private :) - YES! We got pregnant AND had our baby!
4. spending more time in His word with my hubby {this is also related to my #5} - I did this more, but not as much as I would have liked. I'd like to keep working on this.
5. taking at least one week per month off from Facebook - I did this until Baby came. Then, it was too hard to not look during those middle of the night feedings and posting pics! ha!
6. being content~trying hard to show no jealousy towards others james1:17; ecclesiastes6:9 - WOW, if you remember my POST, I certainly have been working towards being much better at this than ever before.
7. continue paying mortgage and other bills on time 2corinthians9:8 - YES! and we are saving more each paycheck as well!
8. continue tithing at least 10% from both paychecks every pay period leviticus27:30 - Yes!
9. choose a volunteer position and stick with it the entire year proverbs11:24 - no :( I didn't do this AT ALL.
10. take golf lessons - No :(
11. continue blogging; but use my blog to serve more of a purpose for others instead of a FYI {of course, for my family, I will have to keep writing what we're up to!} -I'm not really sure if this held a purpose or not, but over this past year, I've received several emails from friends or bloggy friends about thanking me for opening up about certain subjects, etc. So maybe? Or maybe the friends I've made through this blog served more of a purpose to me. :)

*I tried this year to relate all my goals around messages from the Bible. I want to really become a whole-hearted Christian this year and in doing so keep my mind tied to certain verses. So for some of my goals I've included the verse it correlates to!

*Check back today for the Winner of the Second Give-Away! :)

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  1. I love these resolutions. and I love the verses you included with each one:) great idea.


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