Wednesday, June 29

Nursery Progress!

YAY! I feel like we've finally made some progress!!!

Brian has worked very hard on painting Harper's room over the past couple of days.  It's a larger room and I wanted a few neat details on the room and he had to do it himself after work and on Sunday. He hasn't stopped until about 9:00 at night!! What a good Daddy already! {Darn...I can't be around that paint smell and help...haha}

After we painted, we were finally able to pick up our furniture that has been ready since the beginning of May!! My Dad left from work on Tuesday and picked it up for us and brought it over to help Brian move it upstairs and put it together.  Luckily, the dresser and armour were mostly already assembled.  Well, I say luckily, but Brian and my Dad had a pretty hard time getting the dresser up the stairs! It was soo heavy!

I had told my Mom and Dad I would order pizza for us, and then my sister called to see if I wanted to eat dinner with her ~ so they ended up coming over, too! Who knew getting baby furniture would turn in to such a party. :) haha  It was so fun and of course the little boys were perfect angels staying out of the way and Colby helping take the paper and plastic off the furniture!

Unfortunately, once we got the crib box open we noticed a pretty big gash in the they've re-ordered us another one that should come in about 2 weeks. I was upset since I've been waiting to get this room sort of set up for a while, but oh well!  There's still one small accent wall we haven't painted yet because I'm waiting to see which of my 3 ideas will look best on that wall after we get the crib and crib bedding in.

As for baby furniture, we looked and priced things EVERYWHERE! We started in March I think and ended up finding what we wanted in early May and *luckily* getting each piece with 20% off!  There was a lot of different looks I really liked.  I loved the look of a top hutch on top of the dresser but the price of that was going to be the price of a whole other dresser drawer set, and Brian was finally the voice of reason explaining Harper will need the drawer space when she gets older, our room is big enough for that much furniture, and we could get something else with shelves if I really wanted it. {Did he just give me free reign to buy her lots and lots of clothes?!?!}

Another thing we had to think about was the price.  Luckily, my parents gave us enough money for 2 pieces of furniture and Brian's Mom gave us money for a piece, so we were definitely blessed in that area! But, babies and baby stuff is so expensive and you have to get everything all at once! So when we started to think about: the furniture, the mattress, the paint, the nursery chair, the bedding, the diapers, hospital bill, clothes, etc., {again, another reason I don't know why people ask if I'm not going back to work - I'd like for my baby to not be naked and have diapers, thanks} we just decided to not go with our highest priced furniture or our lowest-priced and go with the one we really liked in the middle.  So that's what we did! :)  Now, after seeing it against our wall color and the dark look of the furniture {we were going with white and then changed our minds to dark espresso} I absolutely LOVE it! The 'feet' of the furniture are my favorite!

Oh, and just a tip, we went ahead and got the 'converter crib' bed and bought the converter rails to make it into a queen sized bed.  So that way we won't have to find a bed to match the other furniture and as she grows into a toddler bed and then a big bed, we will already have all the parts we need and everything will match perfectly!

Baby Cache ~ Essentials Curved in Espresso {just the picture, not our room, it looks much better in person!}

Dad, Brian, and Colby;) unloading while the rest of us watched!

Cameron is so excited! haha

Us playing in the baby's room while the men work! Again, is there a theme here? Mom, Kelli, and I do nothing while we watch Dad and Brian work.  I think Eric meant to go to work on purpose. HAHA

Not happy about the crib being gashed!

 Who knows what he was doing here! He loves tools! We did put the flashlight on my belly and my Mom and Colby felt Harper 'running' from the light. It was funny!
Hopefully, I'll be able to reveal our room soon! Now, I've got to get on creating a major something for her room!!


  1. Where did you end up finding the furniture at? I am going to be looking for some soon.

  2. love the wall color :) and the dark wood (that is what our nursery is too)! - And Cameron.... wow! He has the most precious chubby cheeks ever!!! LOVE IT!


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