Sunday, August 21

34 Weeks and 1 Day!

34 weeks down!
Pregnancy Highlights:

Size: Large Cantaloupe: possibly around 5.5 lbs and 19-22 inches long!

What's Happening: Baby's fat continues to accumulate (around 15 percent) and her brain power is getting better every day!  I'm not sure if she's turned or not...I feel something still in the same spot up in my right rib but I don't know if it's her head or foot! Sometimes it feels like each one! I do think she is long because I can feel her move on each end of my belly at once! She's starting 'stretching' out more and we can see major waves across my belly or a little elbow or hand jet out!

Weight: -2 lbs {i don't know what this is about!}


Food: Hmm, I've not really craved's more like I don't feel like anything will taste good! So poor Brian has to suggest where or what we eat or cook because I cannot make a decision!

Symptoms: I'm back to peeing a ton! And the rest are still with me (arthritis in hands and feet, swelling feet and ankles, pain in hips, acne, etc.). 

Work: It's actually been ok with being back to work! I am so thankful I was able to have a 'relief' from work for a bit of my pregnancy! While I am on my feet ALL DAY LONG, I'm able to come home and prop them up and then my awesome husband offers to rub those crazy big things nightly, so I really can't complain! I've actually somehow had pretty good energy for the little bit of sleep I run on daily.  PTL! :) I've also got some great friends/co-workers at school who remind me that I cannot do it all! B's been great with helping to clean and cook again, and he sure makes a great lunch of PB&J each day for me!

Best Moment of the Week: The nursery is pretty much finished!! Woo Hoo! After all the chair drama, we got it in on Saturday and it really goes well with the green from the bedding ~ I think better than the first fabric I picked out! I'm waiting on *hopefully* getting 2 more things from the bedding company in before sharing; but it's said they will be in mid-September so I may not be able to wait that long! :)

I am thinking that Harper won't ever forget her name... :) Look at all these sweet monogrammed burp cloth gifts she's accumulated!!


  1. you look great!
    I love her name

    Joeylee @ Sweet N Sassy Girls

  2. Can't wait to see the nursery! :) I'm sure it's adorable!

  3. She will definitely not be forgetting her name! HAHA! So cute:)

  4. good to hear your first week back was good. I was wondering how it went! You look great. I must say you can't have too much monogrammed! She looks set in the burp cloth arena! Super cute.

  5. LOVE her and you!!! :) Let me know if I can do anything. And no, you're not babysitting. That would be SO mean of me! You are almost 9 months preggo!!!!! :)

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  6. whoa you did a lot of burp clothes! i love them!!! so ready to meet Baby Harper!


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