Monday, August 22

The Windy Corner Market

Hubby and I tried out this new-to-us spot the other night and it was SO good! If you live in the central KY area, it's a must!
The Windy Corner Market

The decor and feel of the restaurant  looked very similar to Wallace Station ~ they are owned by the same people!  The food was so, so good and there were so many different things we wanted to try, so we will be going back! Everything is made by KY Proud foods and they serve local meals that aren't done anywhere else!
jockey silks and racing memorabilia filled the walls
We did have to wait in line for about 10 minutes and then wait on our food, but the weather was great and there was plenty of seating inside and outside that it wasn't a big deal.  The drive out to the restaurant was great too; passing by horse farms and beautifully large homes along stone fences. 

I got the Kentucky Boy which was SO STINKING GOOD with potato salad...
Pulled pork in Black Jack Barbecue Sauce, crispy fried pickles, Bourbon Barrel beer cheese, shredded lettuce and special sauce
And Brian got the Fried Catfish Platter. He said it was the best catfish he'd ever had without being at the beach!
that yellow 'special sauce' was unbelievable!
We also shared the MOST delicious blueberry cheesecake! They had tons of different kinds that aren't on the menu.  It was seriously better than any I had ever tasted, even from the Cheesecake Factory.

This place is definitely worth the drive and we will be going back soon! It was such a perfect date night and one that we'd been hoping to get for a while now! :)

{katharine, we talked about how we will have to take you and Andy there when you visit next! :) }


  1. oh my gosh, how yummy does that sandwich look?! i have never heard of this place! I would def love to try it out-- take me with you next time!!!:)

  2. Am I having a preggo brain moment or did I not know you were from Kentucky? Lol. I know that is horrible of me, I am so sorry.
    Those pictures look delish. I am all about finding new cute little places to try food at. We have some WONDERFUL ones in the BG area as well.

  3. we have been talking about going for weeks! I want to go this week! Thanks for the post to remind me.


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