Monday, August 8

Must Have Item!

I've been seeing these around and knew I had to get one!

Don't get me wrong, I love my Smart Water's and fancy Fiji water; but who wants to buy those all the time?! Plus, I'm no "go green" gal, but it does seem silly to purchase water bottle after water bottle! It's probably more of me being cheap because water is free!

I love taking all my Tervis Tumblers to work; but I honestly hate filling up my water with the water fountains from our complex! I know it sounds silly, but as I watch my students put their entire mouths on the faucet {ha!} I can't help but feel like I'm getting extra germs from the water! HAHA

So, I got one of these today to start bringing to work! It filters the water from anywhere! So no more worries of unfiltered water!! :)
The Brita Bottle Filtered Water was only $7 after a Bed, Bath, & Beyond {expired!} coupon!!
Also, I don't know if I was the last to know about this little trick, but at my shower this weekend, Lisa suggested I get a lingerie bag to wash all of Harper's tiny little socks! She's got such cute ones with ribbons, lace, etc. I wanted to make sure not to lose one in the washer! What a great idea!! :) I also got one with a coupon at BBB today! :)


  1. That's a great idea! Makes me feel bad about the $$ I just spent on a 24 pack of bottled water today. I might have to invest. Oh, and I hope Brian gets around to blogging before baby, I was pleasantly surprised by Matt's takeover today too!

  2. I need a water bottle like that. I spend money on water and that money can be spent on something else. Great find and thanks for the review!

    New follower. love finding mommy bloggers.


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