Friday, September 2


{whoops, just saw I never posted this back in May!!}

We enjoyed a Reds Baseball game with our friends, Nick and Jordan, the other night! It was super fun and we had seriously The.Best.Seats.Ever.  We were on the front row right beside the Reds dugout and right behind first base!

I told Brian I was worse than bringing a child to a game ~ I couldn't stop eating! And you know food and drinks there are like a billion dollars! Whoops. :) Nachos, ice cream, frozen icies, popcorn, sprite...

these were our seats! Jordan, Nick, B, Me (& Harper @ 22 wks)

next to us: Reds dugout

Sorry I am a sweaty mess but J looks good! It was 95 degrees out!

B & Nick

Thanks Nick & Jordan! We had a great time!!

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