Wednesday, March 21

Our Fabulous Weekend {part 2}

{read part 1 here}

So, on to the next event of Saturday night...the Chili & Beer Tasting Party for St. Patrick's Day!! It also ended up as a UK game party since they were playing the Sweet 16 game! We invited our Life Group friends over and had a blast!

Mom & Dad kept Harper for a couple of hours on Saturday night so we could all have some fun! In the invitations, I had asked each couple to bring a beer from a different country ~ without telling anyone else what they were bringing.

After they arrived, I shoo'ed them out of the kitchen so I could set up the beers! Then we had the contest! Each person was able to drink a shot glass full of beer and then write on the black paper where they thought it was from! After everyone had guessed, I told the answers! It was fun! Then we enjoyed the beers we liked along with Chili {spicy and regular} and Pimento Cheese Pinwheels {recipe soon}.  The boys had a great time watching the game and screaming at the refs on TV together, while the girls enjoyed talking and playing some iPhone app...I know, try to not be jealous of our wild night.  It was so great to have everyone over, but I must admit, I was happy to have my head hit the pillow after a non-stop day of fun! {and to see my girl!}

Decorations &Food:
favors I made on Picnik, rainbow twizzlers

Appletini's and the Beer Bucket - soon to be filled up!

Beer Tasting Station! "Get Lucky" Banner


cute Nola!

covered the beers in st. pattys day paper

the girls - amanda, me, allison (and walker), jordan, alison
my sweet hubby

On Sunday, we played with our nephews and my family and went out to eat with the whole crew {all the kids are SO good!!} and had Harper's 6 months pictures taken! I can't wait to share! We also started the sleep training to a whole new level...we decided to go ahead and put Harper in her crib! I mean, we can't get much worse with the lack of sleep happening right now!!  The first night, it was super rough...but it's gone better each night. We are SO hoping that all this routine stuff, the cereal, and now the crib will help our little one sleep through the night...and most importantly, let MOMMY & DADDY sleep through the night!

Oh, PS, UK won ;)

Hope your weekend was great, too!


  1. What a fun twist on the St. Patty's day party-I love the beer tasting game!

  2. Looks so fun!! What a day. ;). Love your plates and can't wait for the pimento cheese pinwheel recipe!!!! Yumm-o!!!

  3. fun times. What a great group.


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