Thursday, March 22

Picnic & Swing Date!

Man, I just LOVE little family things these days!

The weather has been totally unreal here. While a tad bit hot, the evenings are just perfect!  We decided to do a picnic at one of our local parks by our house and try Harper in the swings!

She LOVED it! From the moment we stuck her in there, she just went with it. Most of the pics she's staring at the little boy next to her who was having a slight was a little funny!

Looks like we may be entering into the redneck-plastic-swing-on-the-front-porch group this summer. Oh...what you do for your kids. ;)

Old Pro at sitting up!

my family of 3

lovin' it

I wish you could hear the giggles...LOVE that sound!

not scared one bit!

H got a little tired, so she took her paci and PUT IT IN HER MOUTH (latest craze) and then held on tight to *almost* fall asleep in the swing!


  1. Aww, she does look a little sleepy towards the end, but those pictures are great! We've had rain lately, but as soon as it dries up around here, I'm anxious to get back outside too.

  2. awe she is loving the swings. so cute!
    we're waiting for our nice weather to come back so we can play outside!

  3. Aww how cute! She is loving the swing:)

  4. How fun! We tried Abbott on those same swings last week and he loved it. Maybe we'll run into you at the park sometime for an impromptu playdate!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE your blog! This is Emma Claire's Mommy, Mallorie! :-) We got your sweet letter in the mail today and I'm so glad we were brought together through the bloggy book exchange! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read through your blog some more. Your little girl is PRECIOUS and Emma Claire loves the swing at the park too!


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