Friday, April 23

Coupon Websites

So after trying to fix this house up on a budget, I've started to thrive to find coupons! A few months ago (well before living with Mom & Dad) I lived on trying to find coupons for the grocery store. I wouldn't purchase anything unless it was on sale, a RollBack price, or had a coupon. Well, I'm off that kick and onto another.

I've found an AWESOME website that has tons of coupons and coupon codes for online shopping.
This one is my FAV:

I also love the daily deal at Hobby Lobby - you can print off a 40% coupon and use on anything that's not already 50% off:

This next one is kind of cool. You type in your zip, and the website gives you a coupon to save money on your next meal. The only thing is that you do have to pay some to get it...:

All kinds of restaurants, stores, etc. on this one:

This next site is just amazing all the way around. You basically can purchase anything on this site at any time, and usually only have to pay for shipping. I made my Save The Dates from here, ordered 230, and paid around $10. Ordered my "Mrs. Burton" shirt and paid shipping only, and many invitations and thank-you notes. It's so amazing!

Do you have any favorite sites to share?

And, just because a Blog post is boring without a picture ~ here's where I wish I was today...

Tuesday, April 20

Birthday #27...

So I'm not a huge "I have to celebrate for a week" type of Birthday girl. But I mean really, who doesn't love a day to celebrate yourself!? For this particular birthday, it kind of came all of a sudden. With the craziness of the wedding/honeymoon/moving in/etc. my birthday just appeared!

I spent my Birthday with my family on Sunday. I've done that before, but this year, Brian asked if we could just celebrate on my actual day. I guess it's one of those things when your life and routine changes once you get married. I've only experienced a few of those things, and know this year will hold many more, but it's hard to get used to, you know?

So I started the day off with Brian making me coffee and coming into the bathroom to chat while I was in the shower. To most of you that sounds totally weird, but I swear, I love it when people come in the bathroom to talk to me while I'm in the shower. I know my college friends remember me always wanting to talk while in those dirty 3-stall showers, and I wonder if my mom remembers sitting in the bathroom talking to me when I was little. Anyways, it was a big deal for Brian to get up early and talk as weird as that is!
Birthdays when you are a teacher are always 'put out there' a little more than you want as well. Kids love birthdays. They are so fun for them. Most of mine are having milestone birthdays (10) so I try and make it a big deal, which in turn they want to do the same. Well this year, I have 2 very thoughtful girls. They've brought in cakes for long-term subs leaving, small cakes for their friend's birthdays, etc. Well they brought me in a huge chocolate cake. Knowing me, I don't like cake. Especially chocolate cake. So I tried to get the work girls to eat on one would budge.

Well, I brought it home and completely devoured it. I mean really??? Could I not have had this revelation BEFORE my wedding so I could have enjoyed my own cake?!??! Sheesh!
So, my first 'new knowledge' of 27 - I like cake after all.

Our Wedding Cake

Groom's Cake

Like most people, birthdays mean getting older and remembering less of the 'good ole college days'. But this one is a bit different. Yes, I'm getting a lot closer to the big 3-0 than the fun 2-1, but my life is changing in a good way, God has blessed me in so many ways, and I'm thankful for receiving another year.

Lastly, I ended my birthday at Rincon (it was raining so BOO on Murray's Patio) with some of my very best friends. Thanks for making my night great. Thanks for wonderful conversations to remind me that we are all growing up. Here's to baby names, finishing Grad school, and owning homes. Cheer's to 27!

Below is a picture of what my HUSBAND got me. Yup, he's awesome! No real hints, he picked out this amazing watch from Fossil that is not even out yet (it is available tomorrow, but he pre-ordered it) and is the one Sandra Bullock wore in the Blind Side. Thank you Honey!!!!! :)
The Stella from Fossil

Tuesday, April 13

I May Have Just Figured Out...

the secret to a long-lasting marriage...
Ok, maybe not, but I have a good idea of what goes on the list--SEPARATE CLOSETS!!
I can already tell that many-a-fight has been averted due to my husband and I having our own closets in the bedroom. He thoughtfully realized I must have the large walk-in that is attached to the bathroom, as he took the relatively large wall closet in the bedroom. We do not dare to open either person's closet, no nagging about clothes on the floor or shoes all over the ground.
It's AMAZING! :)

I would advise all newly married couples to try and find this layout. We have already decided this will have to be on the 'must-haves' list for all future homes!


Saturday, April 10

Our First Week Home~

As soon as we returned home (almost missing our flight and running all through ATL airport) we began a very busy first day of being home. We went to Easter service at Southland and then spent a little bit of time with my family. We watched Colby pick up easter eggs and ate lunch outside. It was so nice to come home to good weather! Then we rushed over to see one of our friends get baptized in the pond (YAY Philip!) and then off to Brian and I's house to open our wedding gifts with Mom, Dad, and Granddaddy.

Next, we ran over to Lowe's to get another fan/light for our bedroom...and it began! The saga of putting in a fan started all over! As a race against time, I soon found myself holding the flashlight for Brian once again to finish the light! But it's up and say the least! :)

Getting back to work this week has also been not so much fun. After enjoying a full week of just US, no phone, internet, etc., it was really hard to get back into the groove. The high points of the week were getting to come home and wait for Brian to get off work, and going to bed together.

So now we're at our first weekend, and it's the same old story - busy as can be! Althought this time we aren't doing it all together. But as Brian keeps reminding me...we've got the rest of our lives together!

Thursday, April 8

A few snapshots from our Wedding~

Read more:

I'm Back!

I haven't blogged in a while due to my WEDDING and HONEYMOON! Woo hoo! We had a great time and I can't wait to share pictures, details, etc. I've never seen as much pink, green, and paisley as I did during/on my wedding day...and I couldn't be happier about that!

I've also been busy moving in with my husband! It's been such a fun week going to bed each night and waking up with him in the morning. However; my house is a wreck! We've made walking trails to important places in our the kitchen and the bed! It is slowly coming together and I will post pictures soon of that as well.:)

XOXO, MAG (whoops, I guess I need to put MGB!)


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