Wednesday, April 10

I quit Blogging

Can't ya'll tell?


I got overwhelmed, stressed, saddened, and just really a lack of the want.

Blogging used to be great when I first began.  I wrote for myself.  I wrote for my family album. There weren't many blogs out.

But then... I started following bloggers, and they started following me.  I started getting paid for some posts, I started getting criticism for some posts.

And all I really wanted to do was journal my life.  My REAL life. Not a cookie cutter life. 

I also couldn't keep up.

Do you feel like that?

With Pinterest, Fakebook, and Blogging, I just couldn't keep up!  I don't have time to craft! I don't have time to make gourmet meals! I don't have time to take a picture of my outfit every stinking day!! You also wouldn't want to see what I look like every day! Most days I have crazy curly hair, I'm wearing the nicest thing that was clean, but man, I am teaching WELL and I'm loving WELL.  And it just seems I didn't feel I needed to blog that...

So, I write all that to say.... I hope to take back blogging.  I miss writing down little things I want to remember about Harper.  She's such a great toddler. With MAJor ups and downs, but nonetheless, AWESOME.


Oh, and we moved! :)
See ya'll soon I hope!


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