Thursday, March 10

The Secret's Out!

Here's a little recap of how we told a few friends and family so I won't forget {although, I don't know if I can forget!}

We were able to go to the doctor's office a week after I took the pregnancy test to confirm. Immediately after, we drove over to my Mom and Dad's house and showed up 'for dinner', which was unexpected, but I'm not sure they thought anything of it.  I had purchased them a recordable book from Hallmark, A Baby's Blessing.  On the outside I had written, "Here's a little book to record in September when you become GG and G-Daddy times 3!"  {at that time, they told us our due date was Sept, also, my parents already have 2 other grandchildren, hence the 3}  We also gave them the candy and poem as well.  They were ecstatic! Dad and Mom were all smiles!
The candy bag with the poem, M and M's and valentine sweethearts inside
Here's what the poem said:
"Here's a little Valentine's treat

for you all to enjoy and eat...
Each little candy, be sure to read
We've got something to share, indeed!"
We are so excited to share with you our little 'sweet' -
Please keep it a secret, so no facebook or tweets!

Then we left and drove over to Kelli's house {my sister}.  It was kind of late, but we didn't think the boys would be in bed yet, and we thought Eric was home. Whoops and Whoops.  So, we actually caught Kelli at a really bad and intense moment! Yikes! So, I handed the candy bag to Colby and told him to give it to Mommy. He did. She read.  She was so excited too! Then Eric happened to call and we told Colby to tell him he was getting a cousin. :)

I wanted to do the same thing, but mail the items to Brian's family, but he just couldn't wait! So we called them in the car to tell the good news!

Next, we told our Life Group at one of our get-together's.  We spent the whole night trying to decide if we would or not {we had brought the candy's with us}. It was kind of an awkward night with a few baby questions here and there, and you know when you're keeping a secret, you think everyone is intentionally asking you those questions, even when they're not!  Well, at the end of the night, I told the girls I had made them Valentine's treats (it was the weekend before Vday) and they just thought it was cute...until they read it! Alison and Jordan were more in shock, and Amanda was crazy! She said she had had a feeling! haha!
Life Group girls
I mailed Mandy her candy, took Allison's over to her, and I waited until Girl's Night to tell the rest of my college friends with their candy's!

I told my team-teacher Mary when we had a 'happy hour' at my house, and told the other girls one morning at school {we were trying to plan a get-together and it wasn't happening, so after weeks of trying to tell, I just broke down and told one day!}.

I also got to tell my Granny and aunt and uncle, and my Granddaddy. That was really exciting. They were both a little confused about the candy, but once I explained they were excited! :)
Friends have been so thoughtful! :) Here are a few super thoughtful things we've received over the course of the past few weeks.  It sure makes this pukin' girl smile when I see these items! haha!
sweet cards from Mom and Dad, Jamie, Mandy, Allison, Sara, and Maegan

our first baby outfit from Mom and Dad- a unisex outfit and bib of course :)

fun items from the new parents, Maegan and Trent

the most delicious gift ever from Mandy and Brian! YUMMO!
My sister also gave me a bunch of books. Umm, this book I always like to give my pregnant friends; it's so SCARY!!! haha

Jordan and Nick have been so sweet in fixing us dinners! She even asked me the other day what I was craving, and I said fruit pizza. Well, last night they had our favorite Puccini's toppings pizza AND a fruit pizza!  Hello way-into-my-heart. haha! I can't believe she made me a fruit pizza!

{PS- remember the shoes? these were my preggo gift from B b/c I've been too sick to exercise, so he said I was kind of exercising when walking at school! remember the flowers? this was actually after they found out and cooked us dinner one night.}


  1. This maks me soooo Happy!! I am over the top excited for you both!!(I mean all 3)

  2. yes i was craZy. i broke my carrot. that fruit pizza looks amazing! way to go jordan!

  3. I love the recordable book idea! New follower from Kelly's Korner. Would love if you could follow me too...come check out my blog when you a chance :)


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