This little page is devoted to updates about our baby Burton! I'll share past posts and photos of the progress of our little BIG miracle!
Disclaimer:I look really bad in a lot of these photos; but I felt really badly in the beginning, so please don't judge me!*********************************************
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Baby Burton is the size of a poppy seed and making his/her home into my little belly! I feel great, just very, very tired all the time!  {We found out about 5 days before this picture was taken. :)}
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Proud Daddy with his little baby - first ultrasound @ 5weeks5days

Baby Burton is the size of a papaya seed.  He/she is forming major organs and major systems. We heard the heartbeat-120 BPM.  I'm starting to get very nauseous all day. 
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Baby Burton is the size of a sweet pea! The jaw is developing with the cheek and chin! Small dimples are forming which will be the ear canals, eyes, and nose.  I've started getting very sick all day, every day. I also had a sinus infection this week due to not being able to take allergy meds.  I've found Preggie Pop Drops are my BFF! 
BUT, it's all worth it for little Baby B!

8wks6days ~ Still no weight gain. I was pretty sick at the beginning of this week, but it's been held off towards the end.  Some of my pants are getting pretty tight due to 'baby bloat' as they say. Mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes and the pants felt so good with the band! I have worn the belly band once.  I'm still very tired and can't open the refrigerator door at all!! Preggie Pops no longer work, I'm still using the accupressure bands and drinking ginger ale.  BUT, I'll do anything for precious Baby B!
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9 weeks, 4 days. I'm wearing the Belly Band with most of my pants.  Still no cravings or big aversions excpet for the fridge.  Still exhausted on a daily basis and crazy work isn't helping! Gagging is back over the major vomiting! Stomach and back pains are a constant. BUT, it's ok because we're almost out of the first trimester!! Baby's fingers and toes are forming and the body is beginning to look like a fetus!
11 Weeks! A little bump is there if you look closely! Still the same food aversions, no cravings. Sickness and nausea is getting better!
12 weeks!! My little bump is there! I'm mostly wearing maternity pants already! My regular pants just put added pressure, and I don't like it! I've been feeling quesy this week and have gotten sick a few times.  Hopefully it is about to end!  The baby is the size a plum! WHOA!!

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Little baby Burton is the size of a Lemon at 14 weeks!  He/she is developing hair all over and able to stretch out and move his/her muscles! Whether it's a girl or a boy - the parts are already forming! This week the fingernails and toenails will be developing! I'm starting to feel much better.  I'm showing a little bit.  Maternity pants feel much better than my regular pants do with the belly band! I was even able to finally open the fridge at 13 weeks! :)

14 weeks, 4 days ~ I'm really sticking out in this shirt!!
15 weeks! I'm starting to feel really good! I'm sure it's helped I've been on Spring Break...but I have felt like I have a bit more energy.  My belly seems to be growing by the day!  Baby is growing tiny bones in his/her ears and can hear us as we speak! How neat!! Eyebrows and Eyelashes have formed. Baby is the size of a navel orange.

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