Friday, August 31

The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises {guest post!}

Hi friends! Natalie from The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises is guest posting for me today! She brings a fun post with date night ideas!! :) Enjoy her post and remember to go check out her blog! XOXO


Hello, everyone! I'm Natalie
from The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises, and I'm so glad to be guest posting for Megan today! She's a wonder woman, balancing all of her students at work, adorable Harper and time with her husband. I know so many of us are the same way, and we all deserve time to kick back and relax!

I've put together some fun date night ideas, each of which has a coordinating outfit. I know it can sometimes be hard to splurge on a new date night outfit for yourself, especially if you have a family, if you're saving up for something fun, or if you have a house that seems to always need repairing (I'm all too familiar with the latter!), so I made sure that every piece I used below is less than fifty dollars (more details can be found on my Polyvore page). I hope you'll be inspired to take a night off from your crazy lives, pack up the significant other and enjoy a night out doing something both of you like.

My husband, Landon, and I love going to the movies. It's one thing to go into one of those big megaplexes, order a huge tub of popcorn and enjoy your movie in the (over) airconditioned comfort of your theatre...but it is another thing entirely to go to a drive-in movie theatre! When I was in law and graduate school, I LOVED going to the Big Mo on the weekends--it was a forty-five minute drive, but completely worth it. (Find the drive in movie theatre closest to you here). For this outfit, you'll need something warm, since it's almost fall (finally!) and the weather's getting cooler, especially at night. Get comfy in jeans and a patterned pullover sweater, add some boots and cute accessories, and all you need to worry about is snuggling with your date!

Another fun (and often overlooked date choice) is bowling. Sure, you did it when you were in middle school, but what could be more fun than wearing those hideous shoes, splitting a pizza and entering into some healthy competition with your spouse? Even if you are both horrible bowlers, I bet you'll still have a great time. For this outfit, you need to be able to move around while still looking cute. The solution: a monochromatic outfit with fun deals. If it's a bit chilly, just add a black cardigan to keep you ready to bowl a turkey (yes, that's a real thing. No, the bowling alley doesn't give you a real turkey if you accomplish it).

Finally, you might just want to dress up and go out on the town like actual grown-ups. Cocktails and dinner, anyone? For a classic date night, you'll want to go with a classic ensemble, like a little black dress complemented by simple accessories. I love the sparkle on the dress and clutch!

Here's to many future date nights!

Thanks Natalie!

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