Wednesday, September 29

Who's Your Superman?

I've been going back and forth about writing this post.

It might make some people mad; and some people happy.

But since this is my blog, I decided to write it!

Have you heard of the big "Superman" documentary. If you haven't, you can google search it ~ I will not be linking that craziness up to my blog. The reason why I can barely call it a documentary, is because a documentary usually states truth, facts, and all sides. Well, this one plainly DOES NOT.

The entire movie is surrounded by how there are so many poor quality teachers, how teachers just sit around and wait for retirement, and how teachers should get fired.

Hmmm, were the people who shot the video teachers? NO. Was the so-called wonderful principal in the classroom in even the past 5 years? NO. And you know what upsets me the most? That dumb Oprah had to talk about it. Really? Oprah? Let's look in the mirror girlfriend. You started up a school even though you had NO educational background and all you provided for those girls was even more trouble with molestation. I believe that's more damaging than an extra 5 minutes of recess when the kids do well on a test.

So, if you want a real documentary on teaching, come follow me and LOTS of other teachers around. Here's what you'll notice:
*We work WELL over our 40 hours per week and do not ever get overtime. Have you ever heard the like? I know several professions that would be sued if they asked their employees to work more than 40 hrs without comparable pay.
*I care about every child in my class. So much as to write a daily Blog every day about everything we did so parents feel like they are apart of our day. I also take time out to email good things, give behavior reports weekly, send postcards to just say "Hi, I love that you're in my class", write sweet notes on their desks, and make it a point to hug every child at the end of the day, every day.
*I care about my kids and my job so much that sometimes (honestly a lot of the time) I can't even relax at nighttime enough to kiss my husband without something swirling in my mind about my class, an email, a person, etc. Do other professions deal with that? I'm sure some, but come on, not all.
*Teachers are expected to get all their students to grade level even when they come 2grade levels behind. I promise you, I'll try my best, but it's very hard. How is that measured? By a test, not made from teachers.
*I am expected to spend all my time teaching towards a standardized test. Whatever happened to teaching a child how to behave, speak, and function in society? I'm all about making sure they know core content, but some things in life children need to learn that's not in a textbook.

I could continue to go on and on and on. And if you've even made it thus far in the post I know you have to be a teacher! ha! I'd love to say more, but you never know who's I won't say much more.

Only this.

If you have a child, think about her teacher. Does she work her tail off to make each day exciting? Does she go out of her way to help you know what's going on?

Who knows where I will be next year; all I know is I miss what I thought teaching was. A profession to be held in high regards. A profession you had to have passion for. A profession you deserved respect from.

Tuesday, September 28

Perfect Fall Drink

This is a perfect Fall or tailgating drink for good ol' KY days.

Don't let the name fool you...I do NOT like the major ingredient, but you honestly can't taste it!

A few people have been asking me to share from the shower~so here it is!

Bourbon Slushie {recipe from my MIL}
(can be served as a sipping drink or in a small shot glass)
1 can Frozen lemonade concentrate (12 oz)
1 can Frozen orange juice (12 oz)
1 c Sugar
2 c Bourbon
8 c Water
1 ½ tblsp Instant ice tea mix**

Mix everything together and freeze overnight (or 2+ days in advance).

To serve, scrape slush and fill a glass ½ way and top with Sprite.

**NOTE: I don't know how to make tea {I know, I know, I don't like it therefore I find no use for it} so I didn't add it and it still tasted delish!

Keeneland is right around the corner! Maybe you'll make it then! Enjoy!

Monday, September 27

Cocktails and Cupcakes

On Saturday night we had a shower for Nick and Jordan! Alison had the cute idea of making it a cocktails and cupcake theme at her house and asked me to help host. The night was fun and I think the couple had a good time and got lots of great stuff! I'll never understand how showers got started ~ but what a great idea!! :)

Here are a few favorite pics from the night:
{the cute bride and groom}
{the pretty bride and her hostesses}
{the couple got lots of good gifts!}
{Alison, Me, and Amanda}
{me and my cute hubby!}
{Nick, Groom-Nick, and Brian with Bourbon Slushies}
{lots of cupcakes!}
{fondue and bourbon slushies}
{beer buckets for the boys and raspberry beer margaritas for the girls (the UK tubs were gifts for N and J after the shower!)}
{a cricut can make anything cuter!}
{favor boxes~mini-cupcakes}
{just a few decorations}

{end of the night fun in the fondue! me, Jordan, Alison}

Going over to Nick and Alison's house is fun because we have extremely similar models of homes. So I like to look how they decorated and what they put where to give me an idea! I love visiting other friend's homes, but it always makes me want to come back to my house and change up something!!

Hope your Saturday was great!

Sunday, September 26

Happy Fall Ya'll

{Colby and I enjoyed playing in the leaves today at Mom and Dad's!}

The rest of the weekend was fun ~ I got extra Colby time, Drake's yummy food, Nick and Jordan's Shower, and Book Club! Those posts coming soon!

Tuesday, September 21

My New Kitchen Item...

You are going to L-O-V-E these!

My Jockey Silk Bar stools! So remember this post? Katharine and I tried over the summer to make these ourselves. We worked really, really hard...but just couldn't get the job done! So I asked the girl who painted my beautiful wine glasses my sister had gotten me for one of my wedding showers and she said she'd try it! I LOVE the way these turned out. It really makes my kitchen pull together with the whole horse/jockey theme.

{here are the wine glasses. i don't think i ever shared these with you?? they are in our bookshelf.super poor picture quality-they are from the blackberry}

If you'd like her name/contact info. just email me! She doesn't have a blog {although she should!!} so I can't link her up!

Hope you love them, too! :)

Monday, September 20

Rest of the Fab Weekend

Went a little something like this ~

We woke up and went down to the local Farmer's Market. It was so fun! We've never been together so that was exciting. I don't need any fresh grown vegetables thanks to my dad, but I did pick up some beautiful flowers for only $7! Seriously, I couldn't buy one stargazer lilly for that price and got a ton!

Next we enjoyed breakfast at Joseph-Beth Cafe because we had a buy one get one coupon {thanks Laura!}. We love eating there for breakfast!

Then I quickly made Buffalo Chicken Dip {easily the best dip ever} for tailgating and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and night tailgating with friends for the UK game. Once again, Dad stepped in and gave us amazing tickets and a parking pass for free! We've had a good, cheap week! haha

On Sunday we ate Harry's with my family and then headed to Georgetown for a Tastefully Simple party and on over to the Midway Festival. Let's just say, I promised to never make Brian endure that again! haha What a good trooper he was! :)

Hope the rest of your weekend was great! Now, back to 11 hour workdays and dreamin' for the weekend again! ha!

Sunday, September 19

Surprise Date Night!

Weekend Post #1

I had one of the best weekends in a while! Brian and I had no real plans so we basically got to do whatever we wanted ~ and it was soo nice!

Friday started off great because I got to pick up my jockey silk bar stools! I can't wait to share with you a picture of them. They make my kitchen look so unique and cute! Be waiting for that post! :)

Brian also told me he had had such a good time on his surprise date night last weekend he wanted to do the same for me! YAY!

Our date was super fun. We went to Talon Winery and listened to live music, ate sandwiches, and drank yummy wine. My sweet husband even indulged me in some self-timer photos in the grapes!

Then we went to Saul Good for dessert and more vino! YUM! I love that place. We shared the Bananas Foster Waffles, thinking we'd have room to order another dessert to share but we were stuffed!
Thanks for a super fun date night!:)

{His original plan was to try out a new place, WineStyles, but they were hosting a 100+ people party so we were afraid the experience wouldn't be as good! Have you been there yet?}

Wednesday, September 15


We went to Smashburger tonight...and ate for FREE!!!
I LOVE Smashburger! It's a fairly new place that opened up this summer in Lexington. I guess they've done so well they opened a second location close to our house (the other one is downtown)! YUM! Dad got us allllll tickets to the VIP opening where the waiters practice on us! YUM YUM YUM!
My favorite burger is the Bluegrass Burger~
The inside looks pretty cool, too. The fries are served in these cone-like things so I feel like you get more than if they just put them on your plate.
I am a highly-skilled conisuierer of honey-mustard...and theirs is not the best, but everything else definitely makes up for it!

Hope you try it out soon!! We'll go with you!

PS-the diet is going ok. i had to break down and eat a peanut granola bar during my planning time because i was starving! not sure how much longer i can keep this up! total weight loss- 1lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haven't tried the khaki's yet...i'll let you know :)


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