Wednesday, October 31

Halloween - Then and Now

We went to my sister's again for Halloween.  Except this year we actually went Trick-or-Treating.  We kept seeing such a big difference in Harper from last year to this year I just had to get it documented.  We didn't realize until we were looking through the pics that we were in the same spots as last year.  Just so crazy how FAST time really does fly!

 **this year**

Sunday, October 28

Halloween Outfits!

Here are a few pics of Harper in some of her Halloween outfits! I got almost each outfit in pictures!  I'm really wanting to start selling Harper's clothes, but I'm worried if we have another child we may have a girl!  The 2 dresses in the pics below were only worn once for Church - so like 2 hours total! Oh well, I think I'm *finally* starting to see that I don't need so many nice clothes for Harper that can be out of season so quickly! But man, it's hard for me not to buy!

Saturday, October 20

The 1st {Birthday} Post!!! The 1 Year Shoot - Part 3

As a part of our party package with Mary Maldonado Photography, we also had a separate photo session!

1 - Harper had a really bad cold on her birthday (of course, right?!) so we didn't get the best smiles...
2 - Harper decided to be a very strong-willed little girly during her photo shoot! Although, it was pretty cold outside! But c'mon!!! 

So, we got a LOT more pictures than I was anticipating!!! :)

How in the world did this girl get so big?!!? What an amazing year it has been!

Friday, October 19

The 1st {Birthday} Post!! Part 2 - the details

 Welcome to Harper's Fairy Garden Party!!!!!

We held her party at a local park and I rented out the shelter closest to the playground.  The party was so much fun and several months in the planning.  I was hoping to be unique in the party theme and decor, and although I am not sure if anyone else thought so...I was quite impressed and happy with how it all turned out!  This was a very DIY party and I used a lot of time this summer creating things and bought items along this past year!

The absolute BEST part of the party was when Harper walked in, looked around, and said "thank you" !!!!!! Ahh! Sweetest girl! I'm sure it wasn't exactly what she was meaning, but it still MELTED my heart!!

Harper's Outfit:
I decided to go against the 'normal' big tutu and monogrammed shirt for the 1st birthday and go with what I love...a sweet smocked dress that I found that had fairies on it!  Her birthday topper hat came from a local specialty store and I added the "Happy Birthday" felt letters to it.  Her bloomers were a smocked birthday cake from Little English.

The Favors:
I collected several butterfly catchers and then used the theme colors of tulle to give out to the party kid guests.  I loved how easily it fit the theme! I had a few babies present at the party, so they got a different gift.  They received "bug cups" or personalized snack cups with Puffs filled inside (from my store - The Craft Store).  I always think a favor at a party gives it a nice touch!
The Activity Favor:
I knew I'd have older kids at Harper's party, so I wanted to think of a fun craft that was unique to the theme.  I decided on making Pixie Dust.  I saved baby food jars, spray painted them white, and then added 3D butterflies and fairies on the cap and tied tulle around the middles.  Then I poured Willy Wonka pixie sticks into 6 different cups (cups had the flower cupcake holders around it) and kids could create their own edible pixie dust! I think the kids had a lot of fun doing this and some adults got in on the action, too!

The Special Touch:
I bought The Birthday Book by Dr. Suess earlier this year.  I thought it would be so cool to ask Harper's guests to write a little note to her for her birthday!  Most guests wrote in the book and the little sentiments were the sweetest! 1st Birthdays are a big deal, but we invited a lot more people to this birthday than we will for future birthdays.  It was so neat and it will be so neat for Harper to understand one day how many people have been praying for her this past year and loved her so much to attend the party! *We had over 70 people at the party! So blessed to have that many people be praying and loving on her!!*
my granddaddy signing xoxo
The Decor:
I used pink butcher paper to create a middle of the food table.  My awesome Dad hung a million butterflies from the ceiling of the shelter and helped with making sure that butcher paper wouldn't fall down!  I used pink table cloths and green polka dot wrapping paper as the table cloths of the food table, gift table, and favor table.  I used pink, green, and purple tulle every where I could! I created a tutu for around Harper's highchair.  The paper flowers and butterflies were created by yours truly and took about a million hours to make! :) But oh so fun!  I asked my Uncle to cut down round pieces of wood from the Farm to create a woodland feel for the cupcakes and food to set on instead of a traditional cupcake stand.  I also bought several floral boxes and hot-glued moss around them to again create a garden/woodland feel.  Polka Dot balloons were also hung in various places as well as the opening to the shelter with a cute large mushroom sign.  Harper's 12 month photos were strung along two columns and were created on large flower looking disks that Hubby helped me make to show her growth progression.  That was one of my favorite crafts I created for the party and it proudly hangs in Harper's room now!

her baby scrapbook, picture books from this past year

The Food:
Thanks to my Mom!!! We created all themed food for our guests! Although the party time was after the typical lunch time I wanted to still have some food to offer.  Good thing! All the food was eaten!!  We got very creative with each food idea!
Garden Catepillars - grapes
Fruity Wands - fruits on a stick
PB&J's - cut out in flower and butterfly shapes - these were SO cute...look closely in the pics!
Mushrooms - marshmellows with strawberries on top
Veggie Garden - vegetables in flowers and grass shapes
Sweet Wands - cake pops with edible glitter
Garden Worms - pasta salad
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Chips and Artichoke dip

{most foods were in other pics that have already been shown!}

The Cake &Cupcakes:
Special thanks to my friend Tiffany from Tiffany's Cakes who made all the cupcakes and cake pops and they turned out exactly as I wanted!!! Half of the cupcakes were edible purple and pink glitter icing, pink cake inside with fairies, the other half were the same but with candy butterflies on top.  SOO cute and yummy! I mean, I just sent her a picture, begged, and she created!!

My sister actually made Harper's Smash Cake! It was amazing!! She honestly thought of the idea herself and offered to make it! It was so sweet! She used a Tinkerbell Doll and made the cake white inside (we are trying to keep Harper away from Red Dye 40 as much as we can) with pink and purple on the outside.  It was delish as well!

Invitations & Thank You Notes:

Horrible Pic!! It says: Fairy Dust & Pixies, Giggles & Glitter, Harper is turning 1, Let's all celebrate with her!
{it was a floral pink design background}

floral/garden theme with a monogram of course!

Special Thanks:
pictures - Mary Maldonado Photography
cake/cake pops - Tiffany's Cakes, local
invitation and favor tags - Haute Chocolate Etsy Shop, custom design
thank you notes - VistaPrint
butterfly wings, butterflies - The Hair Bow Company
lawn fairies, mushroom, tulle, number 1 and O-N-E - Hobby Lobby
butterfly catchers - The Dollar Store
snack cups - The Craft Store
bib - Allie's Appliques & Embroidery, custom design
Harper's Smocked Fairy Dress - Smocked Auctions on FB (thanks sister for the fast bid!!)


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