Monday, July 8

The Secret Sitter

Quite possibly the most important piece of knowledge my sister has shared with me up to date.

The Secret Sitter.

Brian and I love to still have our time.  But it's not so easy when you have 2 working parents who feel like they are missing so much.  We hate leaving Harper to go on a date, but when we are out, it's mostly entertaining her so that she will be good and last through a dinner.

So when my sister introduced me to the idea of the Secret Sitter I was in awe!!!!

Two things the Secret Sitter does:
1. Your child won't freak b/c she's being put to bed by a babysitter
2. You get your date night without losing quality family time

Harper goes to bed around 8:00...we have a sitter come over around 8:30... and Voila! Date Night without the little lady ever knowing!

You might be asking if paying $20 is worth a date night at 8:30? Well, to us it IS! 2 hours (+/-) of quality talking time as a couple? Yes, so very worth it.  I don't know about you, but an atmosphere outside the home lends itself to such better conversations for us! And...getting to get dressed up never hurts, either!

If you use it, I'd love to see your #secretsitter photos on IG! I'll start tagging mine, too! :)


  1. I've been thinking about doing this, actually!

  2. We did that a few times when we were overseas. It worked out great and E never knew the difference!

  3. C goes to bed so late we can go out on a date and be back home to put her to bed. This is a great idea though for those kiddos who go to bed earlier (at a normal time).

  4. I agree with your going out instead of staying in to talk! At home there are distractions. Something else to do (ipads, laptops, etc.) leave those at home and have fun with your hubs. You both will appreciate the effort you put into this time and Harper won't know the difference (hopefully....) You are both doing a great job. Harper is a doll!

  5. I was just thinking of you and your blog today! I hope everything is going wonderful and you have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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