Friday, August 31

The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises {guest post!}

Hi friends! Natalie from The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises is guest posting for me today! She brings a fun post with date night ideas!! :) Enjoy her post and remember to go check out her blog! XOXO


Hello, everyone! I'm Natalie
from The Adventures of the Vereen-Davises, and I'm so glad to be guest posting for Megan today! She's a wonder woman, balancing all of her students at work, adorable Harper and time with her husband. I know so many of us are the same way, and we all deserve time to kick back and relax!

I've put together some fun date night ideas, each of which has a coordinating outfit. I know it can sometimes be hard to splurge on a new date night outfit for yourself, especially if you have a family, if you're saving up for something fun, or if you have a house that seems to always need repairing (I'm all too familiar with the latter!), so I made sure that every piece I used below is less than fifty dollars (more details can be found on my Polyvore page). I hope you'll be inspired to take a night off from your crazy lives, pack up the significant other and enjoy a night out doing something both of you like.

My husband, Landon, and I love going to the movies. It's one thing to go into one of those big megaplexes, order a huge tub of popcorn and enjoy your movie in the (over) airconditioned comfort of your theatre...but it is another thing entirely to go to a drive-in movie theatre! When I was in law and graduate school, I LOVED going to the Big Mo on the weekends--it was a forty-five minute drive, but completely worth it. (Find the drive in movie theatre closest to you here). For this outfit, you'll need something warm, since it's almost fall (finally!) and the weather's getting cooler, especially at night. Get comfy in jeans and a patterned pullover sweater, add some boots and cute accessories, and all you need to worry about is snuggling with your date!

Another fun (and often overlooked date choice) is bowling. Sure, you did it when you were in middle school, but what could be more fun than wearing those hideous shoes, splitting a pizza and entering into some healthy competition with your spouse? Even if you are both horrible bowlers, I bet you'll still have a great time. For this outfit, you need to be able to move around while still looking cute. The solution: a monochromatic outfit with fun deals. If it's a bit chilly, just add a black cardigan to keep you ready to bowl a turkey (yes, that's a real thing. No, the bowling alley doesn't give you a real turkey if you accomplish it).

Finally, you might just want to dress up and go out on the town like actual grown-ups. Cocktails and dinner, anyone? For a classic date night, you'll want to go with a classic ensemble, like a little black dress complemented by simple accessories. I love the sparkle on the dress and clutch!

Here's to many future date nights!

Thanks Natalie!

Thursday, August 30

11 Months of Harper Lovin'

Oooh dear! This month birthday was a tough one! I cannot believe my little girl has been with us for almost a year.  Where in the world has the time gone?!  This past 11 months has been the most amazing time in my entire life.  I mean, I can just not imagine each day without our little Harper.

August 29, 2012

totally HARPER!


Weight/Height: we find out next month!

Size: diapers - 3's Pampers only, 6-9 month clothes, some 9-12 month clothes

Sleep: she's currently only taking 1-2 short naps at the sitter's home, but on the weekends she's still taking her 2 good naps!  Night sleeping is still going wonderfully {fingers crossed!} but she goes to bed around 7:00 because of being SOO tired from playing with her friends at the sitter's home all day.

Day time Routine: Since I'm back to work, Harper is back to the home sitter.  It was a tough transition this month, but I think we are at the end of it and Harper is very happy to see her little buddies.  Because H is walking everywhere, she thinks she's older and plays solely with the 2 2yo's! ha! So, her sitter says she wears herself out daily chasing them around!

New Things:  What an incredibly sweet girl we have been blessed with! H loves to hug and love on her baby and pink 'gator.  She also will randomly come over to you and lay her head down or hug your back. It's really cute!  H also has learned to dance a little!! She shakes her left hand {she's a lefty...what?!} and twists her little body! Sweet thang!  One thing I'm loving is that when H walks, she will lift her hand and want to hold yours as she walks.  Not all the time - so when it happens it's so sweet!  Harper also LOVES dogs! I mean, like she LOVES them! We have no idea since she's never around animals, but it's hilarious.  She will chase after them and just go up to them and wave.  Oh yea...she finally WAVES!  But, she only waves to dogs, kids, and when she hears the train that goes by! hahaha :)  She still babbles a ton, too! We are with the same words and have added "duuc" for duck {mama, dada, ba(ball)}  She also sits in the tub all by herself...and loves it!

Food: We are still on baby food for the most part, but we do let her try different foods.  I am just not super comfortable in this area and I don't really think H's pediatrician is very helpful in this!  She does LOVE water and will only want to drink out of straw cups.  We've cut out 1-2 bottles, too!

Personality: She's still her same sweet girl! She's very independent and pretty much aggressive in knowing what she wants and will try her hardest to get it/to it.  We love that about her! She's a very go-with-the-flow type of girl, too.  And of course, since she's our first, we think she's soo smart! hahaha

We love you sweet girl! Man, we are SOO LUCKY!


Pigtails & Pacifiers {guest post!}

Hi friends! With the start of school and trying to get back to a routine of being a working Momma, I've had a few friends offer to blog post for me! I must tell you, these posts are so fun and I love the perspective they are bringing to Blissfully Burton!

Harper, Brian, and I will be back soon to share in all that we've been doing; but for now, read a little bit about Brandi from Pigtails & Pacifiers on Parenting Styles!  Make sure to check out her blog, too!

As for Brandi's readers - thanks for hopping over here...sit and stay a while! :)


Hello Blissful Burton Readers! I’m so excited to be posting for Megan while she gets readjusted to school starting and balancing the at home life, especially with Miss Harper on the move! I’m Brandi from over at Pigtails & Pacifiers, mommy to Brooklyn Grace & (trophy) wife to Stephen.

I thought long and hard about what to write about today, the choices were massive, but I finally decided on the topic of Parenting Styles.

My parenting style is what I guess one would consider attachment style, like bordering on being the crunchy granola type. We baby wear, breast feed, cloth diaper, *still* room share, and actually {gasp} just weaned Brooklyn of the swaddle. Now I know that my style is not what is best for everyone, it just so happens to be right for us. I have to admit though, I never saw myself parenting this way. I grew up in Dallas, and was a card carrying member of big hair, high heels, shopaholic, and fiercely independent woman club. Even once I moved to Virginia and fell in love with my husband, we loved being a dual income no child household. We vacationed all the time, enjoyed fancy dinners, and frequented our area’s night life. I remember cringing when babies would cry and interrupt our dinner, now I’m the mom with my baby strapped to my chest in the Bjorne at all our summer festivals (still wearing my heels though). I worked as a nanny for 4 years, I always envisioned myself going back to work, yet here I am taking a year off from teaching to be home with this sassy face.

I can honestly say I NEVER imagined myself cloth diapering, I thought “Why would anyone put themselves through that extra trouble? Disposables are so easy!” Yet again, here I am making monthly trips to the Diaper Junction to try out new styles. If you’re interested in hearing more about this journey here is my post on it. People always say never say never, and holy cow am I one prime example of this! I never thought that parenthood would take me the places that it has, but I have truly loved every second of it. And one day, when I get my room back, I’ll finally have the space to reflect back & enjoy it all :0)


Sunday, August 19

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,

It's back to work I go!

Whew! Been a long week...but it's been a great week! I am exhausted, Brian is exhausted, and Harper is exhausted.  How do we know?  Well, Friday night she slept 14 hours straight. WHOA. She hasn't done that in a while.

We are all surviving and it's all going to be ok. :)

Here's a few pics from my classroom...

Currently, I'm spending my free time{nap time} that is, working on school things, 2 showers I have coming up, and a VERY special birthday!  If you'd like to possibly do a guest post within the current or next month, please email me!!

Saturday, August 11

I'm Nervous and Conflicted.

Really, this is a post for me. Could be boring - may not want to read.

I'm so conflicted at the moment with my feelings.  I have so many emotions running around my head, I am not sure how to really feel with the school year just around the corner.

1.  I am excited and looking forward to going back to school.  Not exactly to go back to 'working', but get back in the classroom.  It's been a really, really rough road in our school for quite a few years.  And last year? Basically, it was to just survive.  But this coming year, we have new hope.  New hope that I think is going to work.  We have a new leader who is one that I've already been impressed with and one who seems to be a real Christian.  One who sees this as our careers, but also sees that we have families, too.

I love teaching.  I really do.  But I think the excessive negativity and frustration throughout the past years had built so deep that I forgot that.  And when I had Harper, I really didn't think I could do it.

But now this summer I've been able to really reflect and getting to know our new leader has helped as well.  Hubby and I have had major, real conversations about this.

*My ultimate goal in my teaching career was to teach at a private Christian school.
That is not my goal anymore. My goal is to continue doing my best in a public school system.  Hopefully, be a light to children who need me and maybe some adults.  I WANT Harper in the public school system.  I want her to be around kids who have more than her.  I want Harper to help be the light to other children.

So now, my goal is to continue teaching in the public school system for now.  I can't tell you where I will be in a few years.  I've learned to not try and plan too far in advance :), but I know that I am so so so excited for this school year.  I'm excited to be a 'school Mom' to 24 different personalities.  I'm excited to be the teacher I know will make myself proud and one that I hope Harper will get the joy of having when it's her turn to go to school.  I'm actually really excited for my 8th year of teaching - something I don't think I've been able to truly say in a few years...

2.  I love Harper. I love the days, the times, the moments we've shared this summer.  I've been so lucky to witness so much.  I've been able to see Harper's personality grow.  We've grown so close together.  She has the best disposition ever.  SO happy all the time.  So sweet and easy going.  Such a joy.  I'm afraid she won't stay that way when I go back to work.  I don't know why I think this.  She'll be at the same home sitter she was at last year.  They love her so much - it's so easy to see.  But there will be new kids there this time around.  Two babies who are younger than Harper.  I'm worried that the babies will get the attention Harper once got from MeMe. I'm worried that Harper is now at the age to understand I'm not with her and that she will be upset.  I'm worried that she will be bored or sad during the day and I won't know.

I'm worried to be without her all day.

But on the other hand, I want to utilize my teaching side, too.

We've already been back to work a lot.  I've already missed a lot of time with Harper due to PD's, getting my room ready, home visits, etc.  While I'm away, I miss her. But I feel peace about it.  I get to continue teaming with Mary, and our whole team is excellent this year.  As of now, it feels that everyone is going to do their part and help each other out.  That helps so much.  It helps knowing I have 2 other teacher-Moms on my team who relate to what I'm going through and can help put things in perspective.  So, I've enjoyed working so far.

But then I feel a little guilty about that.

So what makes a good Mom? I think that's what I struggle with.  Of course, you are a good Mom when you make choices that will better your family.  But am I being a good Mom to go back to work?  Would I be a better Mom if I just stayed home? But then if I stayed home we wouldn't be able to save for Harper's future and wouldn't get to give Harper as many opportunities as she could have.  And maybe I would miss using my teacher side.  There's my struggle.  I think this is probably a struggle that will be a forever-struggle for many Moms.  And I'm just at the beginning.

So, my confusion lies here: I am excited for the school year.  But saying that makes me feel like a bad Mom. I don't want to leave Harper.  Honestly, our days are so easy and fun.  So much less stress than working.  {and couldn't you just punch the people who tell you you are getting a 'break' when you go to work. HA!} But I am happy about getting back in the classroom.

Agh! So confusing!

Thursday, August 9

Dear Baby Boutique WINNER!!

WOOO! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!! --- or CUTE CLOTHES WINNER!

This has been the best give-away to date!  Once again, thanks so much Andrea of Dear Baby Boutique for letting me host your first give-away!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!! So happy to support your well hand-made custom clothing! Thanks to all who have played and thanks for all the new, sweet followers and your comments!!

I most certainly had hoped would make some kind of glitch and let everyone win.... but that just didn't happen! :)

Hubby helped me out (my brain is fried from school Open House tonight!!!) so this is SUPER legit and fair! :)

With the RULES of the give-away, we had 32 comments...but actually 103 entries!  So after using Our WINNER is........

Number 65!

I just followed Blissfully Burton-what a cute blog!
I liked Dear Baby Boutique!
And I just followed Andrea's blog!

Julie, I'm so excited for you!!! You'll have to post a pic of what you choose!!!!
I'll email Andrea your name and info. tonight.

Again, thanks to all who played! :) It was great.  If you'd like to have me host a give-away for one of your items, please email at!

Andrea, Harper loves her jumper!! :)

Wednesday, August 8

Dear Baby Boutique Give-Away! Don't Forget! {now closed}

Don't forget to enter the Dear Baby Boutique Give-Away!!!

Click HERE for the details!

Sunday, August 5

Dear Baby Boutique GIVE-AWAY! {now closed}

You all...this is my FAVORITE Give-Away yet!!!!
I'm so excited for Andrea from Life in Dawleywood with her new handmade/custom clothing shop to open!

Dear Baby Boutique features custom and handmade clothing for boys and girls, babies, and toddlers; bows, embroidery, towels, and ruffle bloomers.

Her stuff if SO amazing and very well made!
Andrea made 2 outfits for Harper that I'm just about to die over!! {below}She was SO easy to work with and super fast! Her prices are extremely reasonable, too!  Andrea has a great style and knows what works and what doesn't!  She's got lots of fabrics and ideas...the possibilities are endless!
Photo: So adorable!  It was hard to ship this because I wanted to keep it.  Thank you Megan for letting me dress up pretty little Harper

Photo: For Miss Harper
harper on the back!! soo cute!

Here's another favorite item from her shop:
Custom Ruffle Pillowcase Romper girls/toddler/baby spring/summer

GIVE-AWAY!! SOOOOO, she's offering a FREE Choice {shirt, pants, pillow case top} from her new Football Line to one LUCKY Blissfully Burton reader!!
 {she's even offering a custom item if one of the options below doesn't suit you!}

1. You must be a follower of Blissfully Burton.  {click the Follower button to the right - you don't have to have a blog to follow!}
2.  Go to Facebook and "LIKE" Dear Baby Boutique
3.  Comment under THIS post that you've done #1 and #2!!
You can earn 2 more entries by just doing one of the following {or earn 4 entries by doing both!}
1. Visit Andrea's Blog - Life in Dawleywood and become a follower
2. Share this Give-Away on any social media {your blog, your facebook page, your twitter account}
*make sure to let me know you've shared or are a follower of her blog!

**Etsy Shop:

*****Give-Away will be closing on Thursday and the WINNER will be chosen that night!!******
HAVE FUN and Good Luck!!! :)

Baby Avery's Shower

This past weekend the girls in my life group hosted our friend, Jordan's, baby shower!  I was so so excited to throw this shower for her.  Jordan and I have been friends since college - and she was even my Big Sister in our sorority!

Here's a few pics from the party.  I didn't get as many as I'd like ~ but hopefully she did!

food had avery's initials flagged in it

bow bouquet

banner with avery's initials and a hairbow holder

guest of honor!

i finally got to meet this cutie! Blakelee is 2 months older than Harper.  Is she not gorgeous or what?!?!

shower hosts
Baby Avery is due in October.  We can't wait to meet her and see Jordan and Nick as parents!!


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