{About Us}

I'm a teacher during the fall, winter, and spring; and a sun-lover during the summer. I love decorating, making things, cooking, and learning to become a great wife. I love my family, my friends, and of course, God. I love pictures and taking pictures along with hosting parties and events. If I could have monogrammed items in every room I would be a happy girl! Actually, I'm working on that as we speak...

B works with finances during the day.  He'd rather be golfing, working on the yard, or his new-found love, running!  Brian has proved to be a wonderful, loving, Christian husband, and will soon become a daddy for the first time.


How M and B Met~
Although we went to the same college {only a few years difference} we did not start dating until April 2008.
There were many times in the seven years we initially met one another that our paths crossed; but He knew it wasn't yet time for us to begin our journey. We met at Keeneland, a local favorite spot of horse racing and people watching, during a mutual friend's tailgate.
We met, we talked, and we didn't stop from that day.
It was a pretty easy transition and one that we both knew early on was going to be it! After 14 months of dating, B asked me to become his wife on the beach of Tybee Island, Savannah, Georgia.
We made it official the following March {27, 2010} and haven't looked back since.  We truly feel blessed to have been matched together and work hard to never take that for granted.
Our first week as Newlyweds were spent at the beautiful Sandals Resort in St. Lucia, West Indies where we had a great week of relaxing, playing, and calling one another 'husband and wife'.
As we returned home, we got to finally move in together in our new home we built and we've been enjoying the Newlywed life ever since!

Then, as life always does, we were excited to find out we were expecting our first little one on October 1, 2011!  We told friends and family in a special creative way, and then revealed the gender of our baby through a party! We are expecting a baby GIRL this Fall ~ October 1! She will be the first girl in our immediate family and the first girl amongst my college friends! We are very excited!


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